God of War Ragnarok Treasure Maps: Locations and Solutions

God of War Ragnarok Treasure Maps: Locations and Solutions

God of War Ragnarok: Uncovering Buried Treasure

God of War Ragnarok Treasure Map

Ahoy, matey! Embark on an epic treasure hunt in God of War Ragnarok, where Kratos swaps his godly might for a pirate’s spirit. Throughout the Nine Realms, you’ll encounter treasure maps that’ll lead you to hidden loot and valuable resources buried beneath the earth. Avast! The maps can be downright cryptic, and the vastness of the game world makes exploration without hints a never-ending voyage. But fear not, landlubber! We’re here to help you uncover all the buried treasure and discover the locations of every treasure map in God of War Ragnarok. So, gather your crew and set sail for Midgard with a sack full of booty!

All God of War Ragnarok Treasure Map Locations

Prepare for a plundering adventure across the realms as we seek out the 10 treasure maps in God of War Ragnarok. Here’s where ye can find ’em:

  • Midgard: 2
  • Svartalfheim: 3
  • Alfheim: 2
  • Vanaheim: 3

But before we set sail, let’s talk about the best armor sets to equip for your swashbuckling journey.

God of War Ragnarok Best Armor

The Finest God of War Ragnarok Armor

To conquer the treacherous seas of God of War Ragnarok, ye need the finest armor a pirate can wear. From the first step ye take on this perilous quest to the final battle that’ll shiver your timbers, we’ve got yer back. Feast yer eyes on our list of the best armor sets, starting from the early game essentials all the way to specialized setups fit for a legendary pirate.

Now that ye be dressed for success, let’s set course for treasure!

Decoding the Maps

Not every realm holds buried treasure, me hearties. Ye must search in larger areas with plenty of opportunities for exploration. Arrr, the rewards ye glean from these hidden treasures be a mystery until ye dig ’em up. Shattered Runes and other valuable trinkets may be found, but ’tis the luck of the seas that determines yer plunder.

The treasure ye seek be marked with a glowing gold glint among a pile of slightly disturbed dirt. But let it be known, ye can’t claim the loot without holdin’ the appropriate map first. Even if ye chance upon a treasure’s location, ye won’t be able to dig it up without the corresponding map. To check your spoils, ye’ll find the treasure maps listed as “lore” in the map legend, while the buried treasures themselves are marked as “buried treasure.”

Now let’s set sail to uncover the whereabouts of all 10 treasure maps, arranged neatly by realm.

Midgard Treasure: X Marks the Spot

The treasure maps of Midgard all point to the Lake of Nine, but a scurvy dog from a different realm reveals one of the rewards hidden here. While exploring Midgard, don’t forget to seize the opportunity to find the God of War Ragnarok Mystical Relic. Arrr, it’s a secret quest with a mighty reward!

Viking’s Gift Treasure Map

Viking’s Gift Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Arr! Find it on the west side of the Raider Fort, Northwest of Tyr’s Temple, on the Lake of Nine.
  • Treasure Location: Navigate east of the Lake of Nine and take the lower path towards the Raider Hideout. Just afore ye enter, ye’ll spot a pair of massive metal doors. Arr, the treasure be waiting just in front of ’em.
  • Reward: Midgard’s Justice Amulet Enchantment (12 Runic, 3 Cooldown), Shattered Rune (25), Stonewood (1), Dwarven Steel (1), Honed Metal (1)

Demise of Dagestr Treasure Map

Demise of Dagestr Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Ahoy, me mateys! The treasure be in Midgard, but the map be found in Svartalfheim. Head back into the mine through the lower gateway after ye’ve unlocked the Draupnir Spear. Soon enough, ye’ll spot a spot to stick it in the wall and climb up. Above ye lies a fallen dwarf, with the treasure map athwart her bones.
  • Treasure Location: Scurvy sea dogs, head to the Western Lake of Nine in Midgard. Just north of the Raider Fort be a Realm Tower with a small path on its left side. Follow it down and there ye’ll find the corpse of a dragon, treasure tucked beneath its giant head.
  • Reward: Helheim’s Force Amulet Enchantment (12 Strength, 3 Vitality), Shattered Rune (40), Asgardian Ingot (2), Petrified Bone (2), Luminous Alloy (2)

Svartalfheim: Seeking Hidden Riches

Svartalfheim be one of the first places ye’ll uncover treasure maps, me hearties. After ye solve the God of War Ragnarok waterwheel puzzle, ye’ll be ready to embark on a treasure hunt.

Fruits of Industry Treasure Map

Fruits of Industry Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Set sail for Dragon Beach, then voyage northwards through Alberich’s Hollow where ye’ll face the mighty Ormstunga. After ye emerge outside, afore ye kick down the chain, look to the right of the platform. Arrr, the map’ll be waitin’ for ye there.
  • Treasure Location: Ahoy, matey! Dock on the landing beach for Modvitnir’s Rig, located on the southern end of the water east of Nidavellir. Once ye land, scour the beach’s right side to find the buried treasure.
  • Reward: Svartalfheim’s Lifeblood Amulet Enchantment (3 Defense, 12 Vitality), Shattered Rune (40), Petrified Bone (1), Luminous Alloy (1), Asgardian Ingot (1)

Washed Ashore Treasure Map

Washed Ashore Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Arr, me hearties! Travel to Alberich Island, north of the Bay of Bounty. Ye’ll find a small stone island with a crane and a separate dock that forms a semi-circle. The map be hidden beneath the freezable gear attached to the crane, on its west side.
  • Treasure Location: North of Nidavellir, venture to the east side of the water until ye stumble upon Dragon Beach. Dock yer boat and head to the southernmost point where a massive skeleton lies. The treasure awaits just afore it.
  • Reward: Jotunheim’s Virtue Amulet Enchantment (3 Vitality, 12 Cooldown), Shattered Rune (40), Asgardian Ingot (1), Petrified Bone (1), Luminous Alloy (1)

Mining Glory Treasure Map

Mining Glory Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Seek ye the north-easternmost point of Nidavellir. Once ye possess the Draupnir Spear, head to the pinnacle of the town. Insert the spear in the not-so-obvious steam vent, matey, creating a ledge that’ll take ye to a legendary chest. Arrr, the map rests beside it.
  • Treasure Location: Journey to the Applecore, then proceed to the central mining room with the ascending spiral path at its heart. At the lowest point of the spiral, ye’ll find a spot where ye can jump across a channel of water. Arr, that be where the treasure be buried!
  • Reward: Muspelheim’s Blessing Amulet Enchantment (3 Runic, 12 Vitality), Shattered Rune (40), Asgardian Ingot (1), Petrified Bone (1), Luminous Alloy (1)

Alfheim: Amidst the Barrens

Ah, Alfheim, where ye’ll find treasure maps aplenty, all centered around the Barrens, an optional desert area to the north of the realm. But ye’ll need to complete the Song of the Sands Favors to unlock the full desert, me mateys.

Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map

Vulture’s Gold Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Arrr, ye’ll find the map lying at the beginning of the Canyons, the path that connects the main Alfheim temple to the Barrens. Just head down there, ye scurvy dogs, from the Strond gateway, and ye’ll spot the precious map.
  • Treasure Location: Set sail for the Barrens, matey! On the northeast side, ye’ll find a gigantic skeleton of a whale-like creature. Step bravely into the skeleton’s mouth, and there ye’ll uncover the treasure glinting in the dirt.
  • Reward: Lethal Detonation Accessory (Enemies killed from a Runic Arrow explode, dealing moderate damage around them), Shattered Rune (30), Stonewood (1), Dwarven Steel (1), Honed Metal (1)

Forgotten Tower Treasure Map

Forgotten Tower Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Race to the easternmost tower of the Forbidden Sands, where ye’ll find the map resting on a shelf next to a Legendary Chest in the main library.
  • Treasure Location: Head northward to the Northernmost side of the Forbidden Sands, just north of the entrance to the Burrows. There ye’ll find a raised courtyard with a locked door to a tower (unless ye’ve completed the associated Favor). To the left of the door be where ye’ll discover the treasure.
  • Reward: Alfheim’s Virtue Amulet Enchantment (3 Strength, 12 Luck), Shattered Rune (10), Stonewood (1), Dwarven Steel (1), Honed Metal (1)

Vanaheim: Jewel Amongst Optional Areas

Vanaheim be another realm where ye’ll find treasure hidden in optional areas rather than the main path. Ye’ll need to have found and flooded the Crater by completing the related questlines to get yer hands on the final treasure.

Under the Rainbow Treasure Map

Under the Rainbow Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Sail to Noatun’s Garden, the optional Vanaheim area along the River Delta. At the very northernmost point, hidden to the right of the building, ye’ll find a shrouded area at the forest’s edge with the map lyin’ there.
  • Treasure Location: Chart a course for the Goddess Falls at the southwestmost point of Vanaheim. Sail to the end of the river, dock yer vessel, and climb the cliffs toward the Vanir Shrine. Once ye reach the plateau with the Nornir chest, walk to the very edge of the cliff to behold the treasure.
  • Reward: Nilfheim’s Virtue Amulet Enchantment (3 Defense, 12 Cooldown), Shattered Rune (10), Stonewood (1), Dwarven Steel (1), Honed Metal (1)

Giant’s Toes Treasure Map

Giant’s Toes Treasure Map
  • Map Location: As part of Freya’s Missing Peace favor, ye’ll venture to the Vanir Shrine in the southwest map. In the main courtyard with the two scorn poles, check the northern wall. Tucked away be the map, layin’ on the floor.
  • Treasure Location: Sail the seas to the Blacksmith’s Shop and Mystic Gateway on the River Delta. Just in the alcove behind the Gateway lies the buried treasure!
  • Reward: Vanaheim’s Power (12 Defense, 3 Luck), Shattered Rune (10), Stonewood (1), Dwarven Steel (1), Honed Metal (1)

A Scar is Born Treasure Map

A Scar is Born Treasure Map
  • Map Location: Prepare yer vessel and head to the small island with the rift, near the tunnel entrance to the Jungle. After flooding the Vanaheim Crater as part of the Return of the River Favor, ye landlubbers’ll find the map waitin’ on the boat’s north side.
  • Treasure Location: Still within the Vanaheim Crater, me hearties, go to the east side of the Plains where ye’ll find the tunnel leading down to the Sinkhole region. Inside the curling building that sits on the border, ye’ll discover the treasure waitin’ for ye.
  • Reward: Asgard’s Justice (3 Cooldown, 12 Luck), Shattered Rune (75), Asgardian Ingot (4), Petrified Bone (4), Luminous Alloy (4)

Now ye be fully equipped fer yer treasure hunt, me mateys! Good luck and happy plundering! Savvy?