GTA 5 Kifflom Guide: Finding Epsilon Tracts Made Easy

GTA 5 Kifflom Guide: Finding Epsilon Tracts Made Easy

GTA 5 Epsilon Program: Find Your Inner Cultist and Earn the Kifflom! Trophy

So, you’ve delved deep into the bizarre and ridiculous world of the Epsilon Program in GTA 5. This celebrity-backed cult has been making appearances throughout the Grand Theft Auto series, and now it’s your turn to join in on the cultist fun. Strap on your tin foil hat and get ready for a journey of spiritual enlightenment that involves red trucks, outrageous donations, and some seriously peculiar tasks.

How to Start the GTA 5 Epsilon Missions

Once you’ve completed the story mission “Father and Son,” it’s time to access the Epsilon Program website. Whether you’re pulling out your virtual phone or sitting at a virtual computer, log in and search for “Epsilon” in EyeFind. Fill out the evaluation form – don’t worry, your answers won’t affect the side missions. After the evaluation, Michael will be asked to find a certain red truck…

GTA 5 Epsilon Truck

Seeking the Truth

Head to Raton Canyon to find the mysterious red truck. This side quest is nothing more than a cutscene, so find the truck and get it over with. But wait! You’ll then receive an email asking for a $500 donation to the Church of Epsilon. Pay up, or the next mission will remain elusive.

Accepting the Truth

Look for the Epsilon logo on your map, which signifies the start of the next mission. Your new contact, Marnie, will ask you to purchase “further enlightenment” for $5,000. Ah, the price of enlightenment. Head to the Epsilon website and make your generous donation.

Assuming the Truth

Another Epsilon symbol will soon appear in Grapeseed. Head there and meet Marnie again. This time, she’ll ask you to steal five special vehicles for high-ranking Epsilon members. The cars you’re after are the Pegassi Vacca, Benefactor Surano, Declasse Tornado, Enus Super Diamond, and Dinka Double-T. Don’t worry, tracking them down is easier than stealing candy from a baby. Here are the locations:

Vehicle Location
Pegassi Vacca Parked in a driveway
Benefactor Surano Parked in a small lot
Declasse Tornado Parked at a body shop
Enus Super Diamond Parked behind a building
Dinka Double-T Parked at the LifeInvader offices

Once you’ve retrieved all five cars, another Epsilon logo will appear on your map.

Chasing the Truth

Head to the new Epsilon logo for the next leg of your GTA 5 Epsilon mission. Marnie and Jimmy need you to find three items they believe are of extraterrestrial origin. Use your keen detective skills to locate the TV, battery, and boot. They’re hidden in the following spots:

  • TV: Northwest from the starting point, along a fence
  • Battery: North from the TV, near a dry river
  • Boot: Southeast from the battery, near a picnic spot

With the search complete, it’s time to make some more “enlightened” donations. Crack open your virtual phone, visit the Epsilon website, and make two donations of $5,000 each to unlock the next mission.

Bearing the Truth

Once the Epsilon logo appears, head to the location for the next mission. This time, Marnie wants you to wear Epsilon robes for 10 days. Start by buying the robes for a whopping $25,000 from the Epsilon website. After a one-day cycle, the robes will magically appear in your wardrobe. Time to show off your fashion sense while awakening your spiritual self. To make the 10 days go by faster, sleep repeatedly with Michael. Sweet dreams, cultist.

Delivering the Truth

This one’s a piece of cake. Head to the new Epsilon logo to meet Torn, who will task you with flying a plane to an airfield. Get in the pilot’s seat and soar through the sky to complete this mission.

Exercising the Truth

Another Epsilon logo will soon appear on your map. Make sure you’re still donning your Epsilon robes, and head there to reunite with the whole Epsilon crew. They’re ready to send you on a desert jog for a whopping five miles. Talk about commitment! You have two options for completing this task: active and passive. For the active route, make Michael run his heart out until the five miles are completed. For the passive route, get creative with a rubber band and a weighted object to hold down the run button. I mean, we’ve all used shortcuts in life, right?

After completing the task, you’ll receive a call for the final Epsilon mission.

Unknowing the Truth

You’ve been summoned to the Epsilon Center by Cris Formage, the eccentric founder of the Epsilon program. Don your Epsilon robes once again and head to the Epsilon logo to start the final mission. But wait! Make sure you have at least $50,000 in your virtual bank account, as Cris will add it to a cash stash in his car. Where will the money go? Who knows! After a cutscene and your generous payment, follow Cris’ security detail to a desGameTopicated spot. Here, you’ll have two choices: leave the car and complete your enlightenment or seize the opportunity to make a quick getaway with the money in Cris’ car.

Should you choose to steal the car, be prepared for a thrilling chase. Take out your oppressors, hop back in the car, and escape the cops or the Epsilon guards. Either way, you’ll get a nice chunk of change and an achievement/trophy for your efforts. Congratulations, you’ve reached enlightenment!

GTA 5 Epsilon Tract Locations: A Collector’s Guide

With the Epsilon Program complete, Marnie will send you clues about locating Epsilon Tracts. These mysterious tracts are simply for collecting, with no reward other than satisfaction. But if you’re a completionist like me, you’ll want to track them all down. Here are all the locations:

Tract #1: Mount Chiliad

Head to the observation deck on the summit of Mount Chiliad to find the first Epsilon Tract.

Tract #2: Palamino Highlands

Take a dinghy to the bay off the east coast of Palamino Highlands. Dive underwater and find the wreckage of a massive boat. The second tract is waiting for you near the wreck.

Tract #3: Pacific Ocean

Venture to the large northern island at the tip-top of the map to find the third tract. It’s a bit off the map but totally worth the detour.

Tract #4: Mount Chiliad

Marked on your map is the south entrance to the tunnel running through Mount Chiliad. Enter the tunnel and look for a small set of steps. The fourth tract is waiting for you there, against a door.

Tract #5: Little Seoul

Visit the old church in north Little Seoul. You’ll find the next tract at the base of the building.

Tract #6: Paleto Cove

Head to Paleto Cove and find the Sonar Collections Dock along the coast. At the end of the dock, down the short steps, lies the sixth tract.

Tract #7: Richman

At the northern edge of swanky Richman, you’ll find an exquisite mansion. Go up the private driveway to discover a tract hidden by a set of stairs before the entrance.

Tract #8: Mount Chiliad

Return to the good ol’ mountain. This time, the tract can be found just a short walk down the slope from where you found the first tract. It’s waiting for you under a tree.

Tract #9: Downtown

You’ll need a helicopter for this one. Fly to the Maze Bank, the tallest building in the game. The penultimate tract is waiting for you on the roof.

Tract #10: Pacific Bluffs

In the southeast corner of Pacific Bluffs is a cemetery. In the center of the cemetery’s lake, you’ll find the final tract near an island grave.

Congratulations, you’ve found all the Epsilon Tracts! Now, go forth, my dedicated cultists, and continue your virtual adventures in Los Santos.

GTA 5 Epsilon Tracts: Collect them all for the ultimate sense of accomplishment and a bragging right among your fellow cultists!

Epsilon Tract Locations