Hawked, a Fortnite-like PvPvE shooter, announces free open beta in August.

Hawked, a Fortnite-like PvPvE shooter, announces free open beta in August.

Hawked: The Colorful Extraction Shooter is Here!

Calling all gamers! Get ready to dive into the vibrant world of Hawked, the latest addition to the thrilling “extraction shooter” genre. And guess what? It’s absolutely free! From August 3-17, PC players can join the action during the open beta period. You can try it out through Steam or the MGLauncher, so no excuses!

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey, this looks a bit like Fortnite!” Well, think again! Hawked is here to redefine the genre with its jaw-dropping visuals and captivating island setting. It draws inspiration from Escape from Tarkov and puts its own unique spin on the experience. Get ready for some intense PvPvE gameplay where teams of three players battle it out on the mysterious island X-Isle. It’s a race to collect Artifacts, and trust me, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Unleash the Chaos!

Prepare to unleash chaos as you and your team tackle objectives that involve everything from solving mind-bending puzzles to avoiding deadly traps. Oh, and did I mention the monsters? Yeah, they’re lurking around too, just waiting for a chance to take you down. But don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to fight back, both against the monsters and, of course, your fellow players.

Even Losers Get to Win!

So, the ultimate goal is to win, right? Well, yes, but even if luck isn’t on your side, there’s no need to despair. Hawked has got your back! Even players on the losing teams can bring home some sweet loot and currency. Build up your character, improve your skills, and show the winners what they’re missing! With a fantastic character customization system, you can rock both stylish and functional upgrades. It’s not just about weapons; there’s a whole range of goodies to choose from.

Beta Bonanza!

Hold on to your hats because there’s more good news! Players who join the August open beta will be rewarded with the premium battle pass for free. That’s right, no extra charge! And if that weren’t enough, any premium cosmetics you unlock during the beta will be yours to keep. Cha-ching! Developer My.Games knows how to keep its player base happy.

But wait, there’s even more excitement on the horizon! My.Games has big plans for a second beta, and this time they’re testing console and PC cross-play. Brace yourself for a whole new level of multiplayer madness and get ready to team up or face off against players on different platforms. The PC beta for the second phase is also available from August 3-17, so mark your calendars and get in on the action through Steam or the MGLauncher.

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