Unveiling the Mysterious No-Face: A Lesson in Identity and Individuality

22 Years Later, Hayao Miyazaki Sheds Light on the Enigmatic No-Face in Spirited Away

Spirited Away’ director, Hayao Miyazaki, spills the beans on No-Face’!

Spirited Away No-Face

Spirited Away, one of Studio Ghibli’s iconic masterpieces, is filled with strange and unforgettable characters. And among them, there is one character that captivates the audience’s imagination – the enigmatic and ever-hungry spirit known as “No-Face.”

For years, we knew little about No-Face other than his insatiable appetite and illusionary powers. However, an exciting revelation has finally emerged, shedding light on the true nature of this fascinating character. In a recent Tweet by Kinro Roadshow, a program that unveils behind-the-scenes stories, Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of No-Face, shared some intriguing insights.

What Did We Already Know About No-Face?

Before we dive into the new revelations, let’s take a moment to recap what we already knew about No-Face. In the whimsical world of Spirited Away, No-Face mysteriously appears at the bathhouse where the protagonist, Chihiro, works. Unlike other spirits in the bathhouse, inspired by traditional Japanese folklore and legends, No-Face defies categorization. He is a shapeless shadow donning an expressionless mask and gains entry to the bathhouse through a fortuitous mistake made by Chihiro.

Once inside, No-Face voraciously devours food and offers gold to the bathhouse patrons. However, the gold turns out to be counterfeit, leading to chaos and destruction. Eventually, Chihiro learns to understand No-Face’s real intentions and helps him find his place in the world.

So Just What is No-Face, Exactly?

Spirited Away No-Face Hungry

In the recent Tweet by Kinro Roadshow, Hayao Miyazaki discloses key information about the nature of No-Face. According to Miyazaki, “There are many No-Faces around. (omitted) I think there are people everywhere who want to be attached to someone else but don’t have a sense of self. No-Face is a being that has no self but changes depending on what and who it encounters.”

In other words, No-Face is not just a single entity but a representation of those individuals who lack a strong sense of identity. With no inherent self, No-Face mirrors the traits and characteristics of the people he encounters.

So What is the Purpose of No-Face?

Chihiro and No-Face sitting together on a train in Spirited Away

No-Face serves as a profound metaphor in Spirited Away. He represents individuals who follow the crowd, conforming blindly without contemplating their own decisions or exploring their true selves. Hayao Miyazaki, renowned for embedding life lessons in his stories, uses No-Face to remind us to be true to ourselves.

No-Face’s journey in the movie symbolizes the importance of individuality and authenticity. As the story progresses, No-Face learns to break free from the façade of conformity and make independent choices. Once he joins Chihiro in her adventures, he discovers genuine happiness and develops meaningful connections. No longer constrained by the need to impersonate others, No-Face establishes his own identity.

In essence, No-Face’s purpose is to remind us all to be confident in our individuality, to embrace our uniqueness, and to forge our own paths.

Q&A Section

Q: Are there any other spirits in Spirited Away that share a similar purpose to No-Face?

Yes, there are several other spirits in the movie that convey valuable lessons. For example, the stinking River Spirit, inspired by the Kappa from Japanese folklore, teaches us about the importance of cleansing oneself from negativity. Similarly, the great white Radish Spirit, drawing inspiration from Oshira-sama dolls, symbolizes the power of tradition and the connection to cultural roots.

Q: Does No-Face have a “true form”?

No, No-Face does not have a fixed form. His appearance and demeanor change depending on the people and environment he encounters. This adaptability signifies his lack of a solid individual identity and emphasizes his role as a reflection of others.

Q: What are some other remarkable films by Studio Ghibli?

Studio Ghibli has produced numerous remarkable films. Some notable titles include My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and Howl’s Moving Castle. Each film offers a unique and mesmerizing story with breathtaking animation.


No-Face, the enigmatic spirit from Spirited Away, has finally revealed his true nature. Hayao Miyazaki’s creation offers a valuable lesson on personal identity and the importance of individuality. As we journey through life, let us remember to embrace ourselves and make choices that align with our true selves.

So, the next time you watch Spirited Away, take a moment to reflect on the teachings of No-Face and celebrate your own distinctive spirit. 🌟

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