Hearthstone Card Reveal: Mage Spell School Group

Hearthstone Card Reveal: Mage Spell School Group

Hearthstone’s Titans Expansion – Unleashing the Spell School Group

Hey there, fellow gamers! Brace yourselves for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion, Titans, set to release next month. Get ready for a mind-blowing experience with 145 new cards, new Keywords, and a unique Titan card for each class. And guess what? I, your trusty gaming guide, have got an exclusive sneak peek at the Spell School Group of cards for the Mage class! Let’s dive into this magical extravaganza.

We already know about three of the Spell School Group cards: Molten Rune, Wisdom of Norgannon, and Inquisitive Creation. But hold onto your wands, because I’ve got three more exciting cards to unveil: Discovery of Magic, Elemental Inspiration, and Sif. These new additions are all about embracing the chaos and exploring the vast range of magical schools, providing Mages with some epic spellcasting strategies.

Discover the Magic with Discovery of Magic

Discovery of Magic

Discovery of Magic is the linchpin of the Spell School Group, and it’s a game-changer for Mages. This little gem allows Mages to pluck a spell from any school they haven’t used yet during the game. Picture this: you’ve already dazzled everyone with your arcane, fire, and frost spells, and then, bam! You surprise your opponents with unexpected spellcasting repertoire from other classes like Warlocks or Demon Hunters. With a mana cost as low as one, it can perfectly fit into some killer combos in the mid-to-late game. Hold onto it like your favorite spellbook for maximum impact!

Ignite your Imagination with Elemental Inspiration

Elemental Inspiration

Harness the raw power of Elemental Inspiration, a formidable high-cost card that synergizes brilliantly with Discovery of Magic. The magical party begins when you’ve already dabbled in different spell schools. For each school you’ve used, Elemental Inspiration will summon a 4/5 Vortex elemental with a random bonus effect. Talk about a surprise party for your opponents! Divine Shield, Taunt, Rush, Windfury, Stealth, Poisonous, Lifesteal, Reborn – you name it, these elementals can do it! Dominate the board and unleash your magical might.

Sif, the Legendary Mage


Let’s give a warm welcome to Sif, the Legendary card for the Spell School Group. Sif is here to inspire Mages to explore every magical school out there. With every school you cast spells from, Sif gains +1 spell damage. As the game progresses and you flex your spell-slinging muscles, Sif evolves into a game-ender. Drop a few spells with her during the latter stages when your mastery knows no boundaries, and watch your opponents crumble before your might! By the way, World of Warcraft fans might recognize Sif from the wrathful clutches of the Ulduar raid. Frost spells, anyone?

But, dear gamers, tread with caution. These cards require a bit of patience and finesse. They thrive in the late game, so don’t plan on an early rush victory. However, fear not! These cards are powerful in the hands of multi-school Mages who can endure long enough to unleash their potential. Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster ride of unpredictable spell schools and Elemental Vortexes. With each game, expect a new twist even with the same set of cards. It’s going to be an epic journey!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – Hearthstone is available on Mobile and PC. So, no matter where you are, prepare to immerse yourself in the world of magical mayhem and let the spellcasting extravaganza begin!

Stay tuned, gamers, and keep an eye out for more exciting updates as the Hearthstone Titans expansion shakes up the other classes. It’s time to embrace the chaos and become the master of all spell schools!

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