Hello Neighbor publisher discusses future of employee monitoring in AI keynote

Hello Neighbor publisher discusses future of employee monitoring in AI keynote

AI in Gamedev: Is My Job Safe? A Humorous Take on Hello Neighbor’s CEO’s Hypothetical Ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round! We have an interesting tale to share about the CEO of Hello Neighbor publisher TinyBuild, Alex Nichiporchik. In a recent keynote speech at the Develop: Brighton conference, he delved into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its potential impact on our beloved workplace. Now, strap yourselves in for a rollercoaster ride of hypothetical scenarios, complete with AI-powered Slack monitoring and the hunt for “potential problematic players”!

According to WhyNowGaming, Nichiporchik’s talk promised an “in-depth look into how [TinyBuild] adopted AI in daily practices to exponentially increase efficiency.” Little did we know that AI for HR would steal the spotlight and create quite a stir on the internet. Imagine AI becoming the ultimate HR guru, identifying burnout (or what Nichiporchik called “toxicity”) among employees. How? By analyzing their Slack messages and transcriptions from meetings using the power of Chat GPT. Let’s call this wacky process “I, Me Analysis”. Catchy, right?

Now, here’s the kicker. Nichiporchik suggested that the frequency of “I” and “me” in someone’s meeting contributions, compared to their overall word count, could determine their likelihood of burning out. Who knew that excessive self-talk could signal impending doom? But it doesn’t stop there! The AI-driven HR machine also looks for individuals who hog precious meeting time without achieving anything substantial. When combined with negative feedback from 360-degree reviews, this AI masterpiece can supposedly identify the culprits responsible for burning out their colleagues.

Hold on tight, folks, because this is where things get murky. WhyNowGaming reports that TinyBuild has been testing this AI-powered system on former employees, retroactively examining their behavior. And now, they’ve stepped into the realm of proactive monitoring. According to Nichiporchik, they had their first case last week, where a studio lead was in a bad place, but nobody had a clue. Thankfully, their AI wizardry prevented a disaster, saving the studio from potential ruination.

Wait a minute! In a twist fit for an episode of Black Mirror, Nichiporchik later insists that his HR presentation was purely hypothetical, mere speculation on the dark side of AI. In a statement, he clarifies that TinyBuild does not monitor employees or use AI to identify problems. Phew! Crisis averted! But let’s be honest, folks, AI is a slippery slope. It can be both creepy and beneficial. Nichiporchik just wanted to explore the possibilities, even if his presentation did give us a few goosebumps.

So what’s the big takeaway from this wild ride? Well, regardless of Nichiporchik’s intentions and TinyBuild’s practices, we can’t ignore the fact that AI is a hot topic in the gaming industry. People have mixed feelings about its potential impact, and it’s here to stay. Brace yourselves, fellow gamers, because the age of AI is upon us. Who knows what adventures and misadventures await us in the exciting world of gaming!