High On Life May Be Coming to PlayStation

High On Life May Be Coming to PlayStation

According to a wild update from the mystical depths of the PlayStation database, it seems that the magical world of High On Life might be making its way to the land of PlayStation in the future! Hold on to your controllers, folks!

Intriguingly, a sneaky PS4 version of High On Life was discovered lurking in the secret corners of the PlayStation backend, known as Orbis Patches. Both the US and EU regions seem to have a place reserved for this mystical game. However, there’s a mysterious twist – the publisher is listed as “unknown.” Who could it be? Only the gaming gods know! One thing’s for certain, though: High On Life was brought into existence by the talented minds at Squanch Games.

Surprisingly, Squanch Games has yet to make an official announcement about bringing their enchanting creation to more platforms. Will they summon the power of PlayStation to spread the joy of High On Life, or will they keep it locked away in the realms of Xbox and PC forever? The answer lies hidden in the magical depths of the gaming universe.

Hold your portals! There’s more to this mystical tale. While the PS4 database is buzzing with whispers of High On Life, its PS5 counterpart, Prospero Patches, remains mysteriously devoid of any mention of the game. But fear not, brave adventurers! The absence of a PS5 entry doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t get to embark on this mind-bending journey on the next-generation console. Keep your fingers crossed, gamers!

High On Life burst onto the gaming scene in mystical fashion back in December 2022, captivating players on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. And the good news keeps on flowing like sparkling potions! It’s also available on Game Pass, granting even more adventurers the chance to experience the wonders of this whimsical world. Tales of its quirkiness and comedic genius spread like wildfire, drawing players into a universe where nonsensical ramblings and expletive-laden jokes coexist with exploratory bliss.

In our magical GameSpot review, we couldn’t help but be captivated by the offbeat charm of High On Life. We heralded it as a zany take on what a modern Metroid Prime game could aspire to be, infused with the comedic brilliance of Justin Roiland. Picture a mélange of exploration, rapid-paced combat, and a healthy dose of mind-bending comedy gold. If laughter is your elixir, you’ll find it in abundance here.

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So grab your controllers, tighten your armor straps, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. High On Life beckons, and with Xbox Game Pass, a realm of boundless gaming excitement awaits. Embrace the laughter, embark on daring quests, and prepare to lose yourself in worlds beyond imagination. May your gaming be forever thrilling and your spirits forever high!

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