Hogwarts Legacy: Opening Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults

Hogwarts Legacy: Opening Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults

Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults: Where Magical Adventures Await!


Hey there, aspiring Hogwarts adventurers! Get ready to embark on an epic quest in Cragcroftshire, one of the late-game regions in Hogwarts Legacy. Brace yourselves for tougher enemies and mind-boggling puzzles as you journey through its Treasure Vaults. But fear not, for I am here to guide you through this treacherous and thrilling expedition!

Exploring Cragcroftshire: A Treasure Hunter’s Delight

Cragcroftshire, unlike other regions in Hogwarts Legacy, surprises treasure hunters with a delightful treat – its mini-dungeons are conveniently close to each other! Upon completing one vault, you can immediately proceed to the next one without having to trek back to the Floo Flame. Talk about efficiency!

So how many Vaults are we talking about? Well, hold on to your wizard hats, my friends, because Cragcroftshire is home to a whopping 13 Treasure Vaults! It’s time to put your magical skills to the test and claim those precious rewards.

Vault #1: Gateway to Adventure


Let’s kick things off with Vault #1, conveniently located close to the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame. After navigating the unmountable area, head left around the mountain and voila! You’ll find the vault’s entrance next to a scenic waterfall.

Inside, you’ll encounter a mischievous enchanted cube. Use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to guide it back to its platform, then cast a fire spell to activate it. Take down the Inferius lurking within and claim your well-deserved treasure!

Vault #2: Scaling New Heights


To find Vault #2, venture southeast of the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame. As you scale the mountain, be sure to burn any pesky spider webs in your way. Once you reach the summit, the treasure chest awaits you. Claim it as your own!

Vault #3: Diving into Adventure


The third vault can be found in the western part of Cragcroftshire. Luckily, it’s easily accessible by heading east from the previous vault. Take the plunge into the mysterious waters and discover the hidden treasure that lies beneath.

Vault #4: Arachnid Showdown


Fly southeast from the Cragcroft Shore waypoint or simply go east from Vault #3 to reach the fourth vault. But beware, my friends, for an Acromantula lies in wait. Defeat this eight-legged foe and prove your worth. Once the battle is won, target the floating rocks and halt them with your magical attacks. This will summon the chest, your ultimate prize!

Vault #5: Knock, Knock – Alohomora III Required!


Heading back to the western parts of Cragcroftshire, we find ourselves faced with Vault #5. But wait, this door requires Alohomora III! Brace yourselves, my friends, for collecting numerous Demiguise Statues is inevitable on this quest. Once you’ve obtained Alohomora III, cross through the archway from the other side and claim your treasure!

Vault #6: Pillar-ific Puzzle Solving


Still in the western part of Cragcroftshire, fly southeast from the previous location to reach Vault #6. Are you ready for some mind-bending magic? Use Wingardium Leviosa on the cube and levitate it through the opening above the shortest pillars. Aim carefully, my friends, and cast Depulso to force the cube onto its platform. And just like that, the puzzle is solved, revealing the coveted treasure within!

…And the Treasure Hunt Continues!

Phew! That’s not all, my fellow treasure hunters. There are still seven more incredible Treasure Vaults waiting to be explored in Cragcroftshire. From unlocking secret gates to solving chess puzzles, the adventure never ends!

To unlock these magnificent Vaults, you’ll need an arsenal of spells at your disposal. Fear not, for I have compiled a list of all the necessary spells you’ll need to conquer Cragcroftshire’s challenges:

Spell How to Obtain
Accio Taught during Charm Class with Professor Ronen
Wingardium Leviosa Learn it by completing Professor Garlick’s AssGameTopicment 1 Quest
Alohomora III Collect 13 Demiguise Moons and deliver them back to Gladwin Moon
Depulso Complete Professor Sharp’s AssGameTopicment 1 Quest
Glacius Complete Madam Kogawa’s AssGameTopicment 1 Quest
Transformation Taught in Professor Weasley’s AssGameTopicment Quest
Fire Spell (Incendio, Confringo, Bombarda) Obtain through various quests and challenges

And there you have it, brave adventurers! Armed with these spells and my expert guidance, you’re now ready to conquer Cragcroftshire’s Treasure Vaults.

May the magical treasures be ever in your favor!

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