In The Shadow Of Time Quest In Hogwarts Legacy: Uncovering the Secrets of the Catacombs 🕷️🔮

The main focus of 'In the Shadow of Time' is to obtain a Relic that can cure Anne in 'Hogwarts Legacy'.

Hogwarts Legacy Shadow of Time Quest Guide

Sebastian has arguably one of the best series of quests in Hogwarts Legacy. While most of them are side missions, some of them are actually included in the main quests and players can’t proceed further in the story without exploring their relationship with Sebastian.

In the Shadow of Time side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, Sebastian will mention a lost Relic inside a Catacomb that could potentially save his sister, Anne. This Relic is suspected to grant its holder the power to reverse Dark Magic, which may be the cause of Anne’s sickness. But before embarking on this quest, let’s dive into the details and discover what lies ahead!

In The Shadow Of Time Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

the catacomb location in Hogwarts Legacy

To start the In the Shadow of Time quest in Hogwarts Legacy, meet Sebastian next to the Feldcroft Catacomb Floo Flame and initiate a conversation with him. 🗣️🔥

spider webs in Hogwarts Legacy

This Catacomb is filled with various spiders, and their webs cover a lot of space. Some of these places have chests or hidden areas behind them, so be sure to clear all the spider webs around the Catacomb. 🕸️💼

the skeleton gate inside the catacombs in Hogwarts Legacy

The first real puzzle starts after a couple of rooms, where players must open a door covered with skeletons to proceed deeper into the Catacomb. To open it, the protagonist needs to find three skeletons hidden across the chamber and feed them to the skeleton gate. The skeletons can be relocated using Accio or Wingardium Leviosa. 🦴✨

solving the first puzzle inside the catacomb in Hogwarts Legacy

The first skeleton is available in plain sight, on a table in the middle of the chamber. Other than that, the room is filled with drawers that fall to the ground when players cast Accio on them. Behind one of these drawers, lies more skeleton keys. Make sure to explore thoroughly! 💀🔑

finding the first skeleton in Hogwarts Legacy

To find the third skeleton, players must locate another destructible door east of the skeleton gate. Use any spell to break it and move through it to another small chamber. Inside, cast Accio to take off more drawers and find the third skeleton and feed it to the skeleton main gate. 🚪🔐

opening the skeleton gate inside the catacombs in Hogwarts Legacy

After feeding all three skeletons, the gate will open its way for players to proceed further into the Catacomb. For people who like to explore, this chamber still carries a secret passage that leads to some precious loot. Keep your eyes open for hidden treasures! 💰🔍

the choice to learn Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy

Going deeper, Sebastian will stress how dangerous this Catacomb is and suggest teaching the student the Imperius Curse. Here, players have two choices:

  • I’d prefer not to learn the Imperius Curse
  • Yes, I’d like to learn the Imperius Curse

Which path will you choose, dear wizard? The power is in your hands! Choose wisely! ⚡🧙‍♂️

the second skeleton gate inside the catacomb in Hogwarts Legacy

The next puzzle also contains a skeleton gate. To find the next skeleton keys, search for a wall that has two drawings on it. Each drawing represents the handle players need to pull to open it. It’s like playing a magical guessing game! 🤔✋

using Accio on handles to open the second skeleton gate in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you’ve located the handles, simply find the one with the corresponding drawing as the ones etched on the gate. Use your magic and intuition to make the right choice! 🎨🔒

finding the relic inside the catacomb in Hogwarts Legacy

After a fierce battle with some strong enemies, players will finally locate the Relic alongside a note that states it’s dangerous to move it outside this Catacomb. What will you do with such a powerful artifact? Choose your destiny! 🏰🌑

making a choice to take or leave the relic behind in Hogwarts Legacy

At that moment, players must decide whether they should take or keep the Relic by choosing:

  • We should leave the Relic alone
  • We need that Relic

Which path leads to the greater good? The choice is yours, brave adventurer! ⚖️🔱

convincing Ominis to step back in Hogwarts Legacy

Eventually, Ominis will make an appearance, declaring he will not allow Sebastian to leave with the Relic, and players are once again left with multiple choices that affect how the duo will handle Ominis opposing their plans. Prepare for the battle of wills! 🪄🔥😈

Feldcroft location after the catacomb adventure in Hogwarts Legacy

As previously planned, after both Sebastian and the student make it out of the Catacomb, they go to Feldcroft to visit Anne. On the way back, Sebastian hears Ranrok Loyalists’ screams and knows that his hometown is in danger. Brace yourself for an epic showdown! ⚔️🏰💥

Sebastian using a curse in Hogwarts Legacy

A big battle will happen between players and a group of Ranrok Loyalists. During combat, Anne will be in danger, and Sebastian will cast Imperio to save her life. Will this decision have consequences? Only time will tell! ⌛😱

arguing with Sebastian’s uncle in Hogwarts Legacy

Sebastian’s uncle is also disappointed in him casting Imperio, and it seems that the relationship between him, Anne, and Sebastian will only get worse from now on. To finish the In the Shadow of Time quest, the protagonist will attempt to mend the relationship between Sebastian and his uncle by speaking to the latter. The available dialogue options are:

  • Sebastian saved his sister
  • Sebastian went too far

Will you be the mediator who brings harmony to this broken family? Let your words heal! 🤝💔

All Necessary Spells To Complete In Shadow Of Time Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy spells menu

Most of the puzzles in the catacomb will require some sort of levitation spell to relocate the skulls. So, there aren’t many spells required for this adventure with Sebastian. In fact, you will learn a new spell/curse by choosing the correct dialogue option. Other than puzzle-solving, you will also use one of the many available fire spells to remove spider webs out of the way.

Confringo 🔥💥

Complete the In the Shadow of the Undercroft quest to learn Confringo. Sebastian Sallow, the infamous troublemaker, will teach players this fire spell after they complete all the necessary tasks.

Bombarda 💣💥

The Professor of Care of Magical Creatures will personally teach you Bombarda as a reward for completing her quest, Professor Howin’s Assignment.

Accio 📚🔮

Accio allows players to pull stuff towards them, which comes in handy when trying to grab some skulls in the catacomb. To learn the spell, you need to attend Professor Ronen’s Charms class. The spell is also necessary to play Summoner’s Court in Hogwarts Legacy.

Wingardium Leviosa ✨🔒

The Herbology Professor will task players to complete two different missions, so her quest, Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1, is complete. Once you finish the required steps, speak with the professor to learn Wingardium Leviosa.

Now that you know the spells necessary to conquer the catacombs, are you ready for the thrilling adventure that awaits? Cast your spells and unlock the secrets of the past! ⚡🔓

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