Honkai: Star Rail – Forgotten Hall Xianzhou Luofu Memory Level Guide

Honkai: Star Rail - Forgotten Hall Xianzhou Luofu Memory Level Guide

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When you first start playing Honkai: Star Rail, get ready to face a challenge! Those overworld enemies will give you a hard time since your characters will be under-leveled. But fear not, my fellow gamer! Once you reach the late game, you’ll be wiping out enemies like a boss. That’s where the Forgotten Halls come in, to keep you interested and give you the challenge you crave!

Oh, and while you’re at it, check out the guide to the Forgotten Halls Memory Levels. It’s gonna be a lifesaver!

But I should warn you, patience is key when it comes to unlocking the Xianzhou Luofu Memory Levels in the Astral Express. You’ll have to finish the quest called “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant” first. It’s one of the final main quests of the Luofu storyline, and boy, you’re in for a treat when you fight Phantylia!

Once you defeat Phantylia, you’ll teleport back to the Exalting Sanctum with a satisfied smirk on your face. And voila! The Luofu Memories will be unlocked in the Forgotten Halls. But hold your horses, my friend, these Memories won’t be a walk in the park.

Now let’s dive into the floors of the Xianzhou Luofu Memory Levels. Brace yourself, because from the very first floor, you’ll need to create two different teams. These floors are no joke, my friend. You’ll be facing multiple waves of enemies and completing objectives to claim your rewards. But don’t worry too much about Techniques, they only work on the first wave, usually consisting of smaller enemies. Go wild and show them what you’re made of!

So, here’s the lowdown on each floor and how to kick some serious butt:

Floor Floor Buff Boss Enemies Encountered Weaknesses Notes
1 – The damage dealt to any enemy is shared between all the enemies. Small enemies Lightning, Physical, Imaginary, Wind, Fire This floor is as simple and straightforward as they come. You’ll breeze through it like a champion.
2 – Increase DoT damage and there’s a chance to inflict different DoT at the start of each cycle. Aurumaton Gatekeeper Lightning, Wind, Quantum Make sure you take care of the minions spawned by the boss, they can really mess with your characters’ DEF.
– Yanqing Yanqing Lightning, Wind, Imaginary Crush Yanqing like a bug, just be aware that he’s got some secret weaknesses up his sleeves.
3 – After using a Basic ATK, allies’ personal and adjacent ally damage increases. Aurumaton Gatekeeper Physical, Lightning, Quantum Watch out for those pesky Mara Alchemists, they explode upon death and deal damage to marked targets.
– Voidranger Trampler Voidranger Trampler Physical, Wind, Imaginary Beat the Voidranger before it can perform a charged attack. Trust me, you don’t want to see what that attack can do.
4 – Ultimate and follow-up attacks deal additional damage to the affected enemies. Blaze and Ice Out of Space Quantum The debuff party is real with these enemies, better bring some healers who can cleanse to the battlefield.
– Abundant Ebon Deer Abundant Ebon Deer Fire, Ice, Quantum Destroy the Deer’s branches as they appear, avoiding that Ultimate attack like a pro. Erudition characters will be your best pals on this floor.
5 – Two Abominations of Abundance are spawned at the start of each round. Disciple of Sanctus Medicus Ice, Wind, Imaginary Focus your attention on those smaller enemies, taking them down one by one unleashing devastating damage to all enemies in the process.
– Malefic Ape Malefic Ape Fire, Ice, Wind
6 – Using a Skill on any ally removes one debuff and increases the DMG of all allies by 20%. The Ascended Physical, Ice, Lightning Combine Preservation, Harmony, and Abundance characters to boost your DMG and conquer this floor like a true hero.
– Kafka Kafka Physical, Wind, Imaginary

But wait, there’s more! Once you clear the first floor, make sure to claim your free copy of Yukong from the Events screen. She’s one of the best supports in the game, and who doesn’t love a good support character? Even if you already have her, you’ll get an Eidolon for her. Score!

And that’s not all, my friend. Beating each floor will reward you with goodies like the Traveler’s Guide, Refined Aether, Lost Crystal, Lucent Afterglow, and Credits. No stars required here, just good old-fashioned ass-kicking!

But hold on to your gamer seat because there’s even more to gain. For every three stars you accumulate across these six floors, you’ll receive a sweet reward of 200 Stellar Jades. These are one-time rewards, so go for the jackpot!

So, what are you waiting for? Head into the Xianzhou Luofu Memory Levels and show those enemies who’s the boss! But don’t forget to check out the guide to the Forgotten Halls for all the tips and tricks.

Happy gaming, my fellow Honkai warriors! Let the fun begin!