JiDion banned from NBA events

JiDion banned from NBA events

The Rise, Fall, and Ban of JiDion: A Prankster’s Tale

image: JiDion

Controversial Twitch star-turned-YouTuber JiDion has once again landed himself in hot water. This time, his misadventures at WNBA games have resulted in not only a ban from the women’s league but also its male counterpart, the NBA. Let’s dive into this wild story of pranks, banishment, and a quest for redemption.

For those living under a rock, JiDion – whose real name is JiDion Adams – is a popular YouTuber known for his humorous vlog content and outrageous pranks. Ever the jester, JiDion was previously banned from Twitch following a notorious hate raid against streamer extraordinaire Pokimane. However, they eventually buried the hatchet, releasing a collab video that had fans giggling and wondering what shenanigans JiDion would pull next.

Enter “Don’t Sleep on the WNBA!” – JiDion’s ill-fated video that landed him in this mess. With an armful of sleep gear obtained from a Target (before being promptly kicked out), JiDion attended a Minnesota Lynx game sporting pajamas and a pillow. Seizing the opportunity, he even attempted a shot with a stray ball, only to find himself expelled from the arena faster than a basketball swish.

Undeterred by his previous debacle, our prankster protagonist decided to take a flight to an Atlanta Dream game, armed with multiple seats for ultimate lounging comfort. However, JiDion’s slumber-filled dreams were once again dashed as security continuously admonished him. Eventually, he was escorted out of the Dream’s stadium, where he received the news that he was banned from all WNBA and NBA events. It seems that the court of public opinion has issued its ruling.

Now, this isn’t JiDion’s first time being booted out of a sports event. Last year, he bizarrely received a trim in the middle of a US Open match, earning himself an expulsion from the tournament. But, hey, at least he didn’t get banned for life like at Wimbledon. Clearly, JiDion has a knack for finding trouble wherever he goes.

While JiDion’s YouTube career is booming, his dreams of returning to Twitch have been crushed. After waiting over a year for a response to his appeal, the platform reiterated its stance, citing “Extreme Harassment” as the reason for maintaining the ban. But fear not, dear JiDion fans, as the realm of streaming offers new alternatives to explore.

While JiDion may have poked fun at the WNBA, the league itself has been gaining more prominence than ever. Even the hugely popular NBA 2K video game series now includes dedicated WNBA versions. In fact, NBA 2K23 WNBA Edition proudly features Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi on the cover, further solidifying the league’s visibility and progress towards equality.

So, let us bid adieu to the troublemaker extraordinaire JiDion, at least from the NBA and WNBA events. However, with his indomitable spirit and knack for laughter-inducing pranks, who knows what crazy story he’ll write next? One thing’s for sure – the gaming world will eagerly await his next move.

video: JiDion’s wildest moments