Jill’s Next Resident Evil Game Can Fix Death Island Mistake

Jill's Next Resident Evil Game Can Fix Death Island Mistake

Jill Valentine: A Timeless Icon in the Resident Evil Franchise

The vast universe of the Resident Evil franchise is filled with iconic main characters, each adding their own unique flavor to the experience. While fans generally like Ethan Winters, he lacks the same reverence as the legendary heroes who have graced the series throughout its history. Characters like Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy have dominated the screen time in recent years, but we must not forget the integral role played by Jill Valentine.

Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine first made her appearance in the very first Resident Evil game in 1996 and has since become a recurring protagonist in three major entries. Her prominence in the recent Resident Evil 3 Remake has seen a resurgence, rightfully earning her a significant role in the new animated movie, Resident Evil: Death Island. However, there’s one glaring issue that needs to be addressed in Jill’s next video game appearance.

Resident Evil: Death Island, releasing on VOD on July 25, promises to deliver a silly and immensely entertaining adventure, bringing together classic protagonists to battle the infected. But amidst the excitement, one aspect stands out: Jill Valentine’s appearance.

Both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield have been realistically aged in the movie to match its time setting, which takes place 17 years after the first game. Wrinkles grace Leon’s face, and Chris’s character model is a blend of his Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil Village counterparts. Yet, Jill Valentine remains untouched.

In Death Island, Jill looks exactly as she does in the Resident Evil 3 Remake, sporting the same character model, outfit, and hairstyle. According to canon, both Chris and Jill would be in their 40s during Death Island, but while Chris shows the signs of aging, Jill seems immune to the passage of time. It’s an odd choice that leaves fans scratching their heads.

The creators of Death Island claim that Jill’s slowed aging process, due to her infection with the T-Virus, justifies her unchanged appearance. While this explanation may seem reasonable on paper, it feels disconnected from the wider Resident Evil universe. It almost appears as if Capcom wants to keep their female characters perpetually young and attractive, as evidenced by the strangely youthful models of Claire and Rebecca, who are canonically in their 30s.

When Jill makes her inevitable return in the Resident Evil franchise, it’s crucial that her character embraces the sGameTopics of aging. Fans adore Jill for her strong personality, and the next installment needs to put the spotlight back on her, showcasing her growth and experiences.

Resident Evil wouldn’t be the same without Jill Valentine, and it’s high time she receives the respect she deserves. Let’s see Jill kick some infected butt while gracefully navigating the challenges that come with age!

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