Kenjaku’s Meticulous Plan and Potential Return: A Breakdown and Analysis

Is Kenjaku really deceased or does the villain have additional tricks up his sleeve?

Jujutsu Kaisen Is Kenjaku coming back?

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Kenjaku, the evil mastermind behind the events of Jujutsu Kaisen, meticulously planned and manipulated his way towards creating a Cursed Spirit through the infamous Culling Game. With over 1000 years of scheming, his dream finally came to fruition, setting the stage for a massive battle-royale of sorcerers that would leak out copious amounts of Cursed Energy, satisfying his curiosity and paving the way for his grand plan.

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However, despite his significance to the story, Kenjaku’s time in the series was abruptly cut short when he met his demise in Chapter 243 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. This sudden and seemingly unceremonious death left many fans disappointed, craving for more of his character development. But could there potentially be more to Kenjaku’s story than meets the eye? Let’s delve into the possibilities of his return.

What Happened to Kenjaku?

During Sukuna’s battle with the rest of Jujutsu High, Kenjaku found himself alone, ready to set his plan in motion. It was during this time that he encountered Fumihiko Takaba, initially perceived as a mere weakling but revealed to possess one of the most powerful Cursed Techniques in the entire series. What unfolded was a hilarious and memorable clash between these two formidable characters.

Takaba’s Cursed Technique allowed him to do anything he wanted, as long as he found it amusing, a condition unknown even to Takaba himself. This led to a chaotic fight filled with bizarre occurrences and absurd scenarios materializing out of thin air.

However, Kenjaku’s brilliance shone through, enabling him to see through Takaba’s tricks and eventually defeat him. Astonishingly, Kenjaku acknowledged Takaba’s strength and humor, despite emerging victorious. In a surprisingly heartwarming moment, Kenjaku bid farewell to his opponent, his last words hinting at the inheritance and continuation of his will.

While amidst this encounter, Yuta Okkotsu, protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen, appeared out of nowhere and swiftly decapitated Kenjaku, seemingly ending his villainous reign. It was later revealed that this had been the plan all along, as Takaba was unable to take anyone’s life. Thus, Kenjaku’s last words appeared to signify his final moments on-screen.

gojo-breaks-barrier-jujutsu-kaisen Gojo breaks the barrier in Jujutsu Kaisen

Can Kenjaku Come Back?

Despite the conclusive nature of Kenjaku’s final battle, many fans refuse to believe that Jujutsu Kaisen has seen the last of this ancient sorcerer. Considering his status as an exemplary curse user and the series’ most intelligent character, his defeat does not align with his prevailing character traits, especially since his grand plan has yet to be fully realized.

One prevailing theory among fans is that Kenjaku might return by taking over Gojo’s body. This speculation gained momentum following the demise of Gojo, the most powerful sorcerer of the modern era, whose body mysteriously vanished after his encounter with Sukuna. In addition, Shoko Ieri, who was present near the climax of the battle, has also been absent from the story, leading fans to believe that she may attempt to heal Gojo’s body using her external Reverse Cursed Technique.

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If such a resurrection were to occur, it is postulated that Kenjaku could either inhabit Gojo’s body or revive Gojo’s deceased body and heal it using his own Reverse Cursed Technique. By doing so, Kenjaku would not only possess Gojo’s techniques but also retain the previously acquired skills from Geto, surpassing even the might of Sukuna.

However, the realistic chances of Kenjaku returning remain slim. Taking over Gojo’s body seems highly implausible, considering Kenjaku’s current immobility after losing his head, and the fact that Gojo’s body has been severed into two pieces, rendering it ineffective in channeling Cursed Energy. Healing Gojo’s fragmented body with Reverse Cursed Technique may prove impossible, as the source of Cursed Energy in the stomach has been eliminated.

While it remains uncertain if merely cutting off Kenjaku’s head guarantees his demise due to his unique brain-like existence, his final words heavily imply his death and deem the likelihood of him returning in Gojo’s or any other body highly improbable.

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Q: Are there any other theories about Kenjaku’s potential return?

A: While the theory of him taking over Gojo’s body is prevalent, some fans speculate that Kenjaku may possess other characters or even find a way to bring himself back through unconventional means. However, these theories lack substantial evidence and are purely speculative at this point.

Q: Will we ever discover the full extent of Kenjaku’s plan?

A: Although Kenjaku’s ultimate plan seems incomplete, the story may gradually unveil the remaining aspects through flashbacks, exposition, or the actions of other characters directly influenced by him. It’s likely that the true extent of his grand scheme will be revealed in due course.

Q: What impact did Kenjaku’s death have on the future of the story?

A: Kenjaku’s death signifies a significant turning point in Jujutsu Kaisen. It not only marks the end of his villainous reign but also prompts the protagonists to confront new challenges and face the consequences of his actions. The void left by Kenjaku’s demise allows for the development of new storylines and character arcs.


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