Kickstarter’s new policy addresses AI usage in projects.

Kickstarter's new policy addresses AI usage in projects.

Kickstarter’s New AI Policy – Ensuring Transparency and Consent

Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform, has just unveiled its exciting and forward-thinking new policy on AI. Prepare for a whole new level of transparency and accountability in the world of AI-powered projects!

Starting from 29th August, Kickstarter will introduce a series of steps to ensure that projects utilizing AI are properly disclosed. Now, don’t panic! Kickstarter is not banning AI projects, they’re just making sure everything is out in the open. This policy is the result of extensive discussions with creators, backers, and even “other platform leaders” – they’ve got everyone’s perspectives covered!

So, how will this policy work? Well, creators will be asked to provide information on whether AI is used in their project, and if so, how it is incorporated. It’s all about making sure the AI presence is correctly and clearly disclosed. But that’s not all! Creators will also need to confirm that they have obtained consent to use any works or data fed into the AI. It’s like getting permission from the AI universe itself!

In addition, projects will undergo a fun (and very human) review process, ensuring that the use of AI has been properly disclosed. No AI-powered sneaky business here! To make things even clearer, Kickstarter is introducing a brand new section titled “Use of AI” on project pages. It’s like an AI spotlight, highlighting how it’s being used and how consent has been collected. Transparency has never been more exciting!

Now, let’s address the burning question: will this policy affect existing and upcoming projects? Fear not, dear creators! If you’ve already submitted a project or plan on doing so before 29th August, you’ll be exempt from this process. The policy only applies going forward, so you won’t have any additional AI-related hurdles to tackle.

But hold on, there’s more! Kickstarter understands that AI technology is constantly evolving, so their new policy is designed to be iterative. They’re not just sitting back and being static! They’re committed to revisiting and strengthening this policy over time. It’s like they’re playing an ever-expanding game of AI transparency!

The games industry has been buzzing with discussions about AI, and Kickstarter’s new policy is certainly a testament to that. It’s exciting to see the impact of AI, but it’s also essential to address potential concerns. Actors, for example, have been bravely fighting AI-driven deepfake mods that have been using their voices without consent. Kickstarter’s new policy brings us one step closer to ensuring proper ethical practices in the world of AI.

So, let’s jump into the world of AI-powered creativity, armed with transparency, consent, and a whole lot of fun. Kickstarter has got our backs, and together, we’ll revolutionize the future of gaming!