Madden NFL 24: Top 10 Kickers & Punters, Ranked

Madden NFL 24: Top 10 Kickers & Punters, Ranked

The Kickers and Punters of Madden NFL 24

Forget what you’ve heard – kickers and punters are absolutely “real” athletes, and Madden NFL 24 proves it. When you need to pin your opponent deep or nail a crucial field goal, you’ll be praying for one of the best in the business.

These kickers and punters are more than just side characters in the game. They consistently score high and play a crucial role in determining the outcome of matches. Sure, you may not fantasize about playing as a punter, but trust me, having a superstar in this position is as valuable as having a superstar anywhere else.

  1. Bryan Anger – P – 80 OVR

Bryan Anger has been a model of consistency throughout his career. With accolades like leading the league in punting yards and making a Pro Bowl, he’s one of the most reliable players in this position.

Defensive linemen love playing alongside Anger because he sets them up with incredible field position. When the offense stutters, Anger bails them out with his exceptional punts. No wonder Dallas has complete confidence in his abilities.

  1. Logan Cooke – P – 81 OVR

Logan Cooke may have flown under the radar for a while, but his talent can no longer be ignored. With the Jaguars finally finding success, Cooke has stepped up and played a vital role in their journey to the playoffs.

Opposing offenses dread facing Cooke, as he consistently puts them in a tough situation. Linebackers love him because he sets them up for those glorious sack opportunities. The man is a punting wizard!

  1. Johnny Hekker – P – 81 OVR

Johnny Hekker is a four-time Pro Bowler with a list of achievements to his name. Apart from winning a Super Bowl and having the longest punt in Super Bowl history, he also holds the record for the highest net average punting yards in a season. Talk about impressive!

While you may marvel at the star cornerbacks, remember that Hekker’s punts play a significant role in putting the defense in a better position. He’s a secret weapon for the team, and opponents should fear his leg.

  1. Jake Elliott – K – 81 OVR

Jake Elliott made quite the entrance in his rookie season. He holds multiple records for rookies, including the longest field goal in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. His incredible performance helped the Eagles secure a Super Bowl win.

Don’t think it was a one-hit wonder, though. Elliott’s accuracy has only improved over the years, and he consistently kicks field goals from the middle 50s. Philadelphia is proud to have him, especially after his Pro Bowl appearance.

  1. Ryan Stonehouse – P – 82 OVR

Ryan Stonehouse deserves more credit than he’s given. In his rookie season, he set an NFL record with an astonishing average of 53.1 yards per punt. Breaking records in year one should have turned more heads!

Despite being underrated, Stonehouse consistently provides the Titans with incredible field position. Tennessee fans are thrilled to have this hidden gem on their team.

  1. Tommy Townsend – P – 83 OVR

Ever wondered why Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce always find themselves in advantageous situations? Tommy Townsend is the unsung hero who pins opponents deep, allowing the defense to shine and the offense to flourish.

His outstanding performance earned him not only the Special Teams Player of the Week but also the Special Teams Player of the Month honors. The league is finally recognizing the importance of a punter in the grand scheme of a game and season.

  1. Graham Gano – K – 83 OVR

Graham Gano has been in the game since 2009 and shows no signs of slowing down. As a former Pro Bowler, he thrives under pressure and consistently kicks field goals from impressive distances.

His impressive repertoire includes holding the longest field goal records for both Washington and Carolina. During his time in New York, he even set a streak of 37 consecutive successful field goals. Gano deserves all the praise he gets!

  1. Daniel Carlson – K – 83 OVR

The Vikings may have made a grave mistake when they released Daniel Carlson in his rookie season. Since then, he has dominated the league, leading in scoring and boasting an impressive accuracy percentage.

Carlson’s powerful leg allows him to kick field goals from immense distances, including a career-long 57-yarder. His accuracy combined with his growing range makes him a formidable force for the Raiders. Watch out, opposing teams!

  1. A.J. Cole III – P – 83 OVR

A.J. Cole III had a stellar Pro Bowl season, averaging over 44 yards per punt. However, he didn’t stop there. In 2022, he kicked it up a notch, averaging nearly 49 yards per punt. Pro Bowlers getting better? That’s a scary thought!

The Raiders didn’t have much to celebrate last season, but their special teams shone brightly. With Cole’s booming kicks and another top-rated player on their roster, the Raiders have the potential to turn the tide if they find some stability at the quarterback position.

  1. Justin Tucker – K – 91 OVR

Justin Tucker is the undisputed king of kickers. Not many argue against it, and rightfully so. Holding multiple NFL records, including accuracy, longest field goal, and most 50+ yard field goals in a game, Tucker is a legend.

With one more Pro Bowl appearance, Tucker will tie for the most Pro Bowl appearances by a kicker. This guy’s clutch gene is off the charts, and his consistency is unmatched. When the game is on the line, Baltimore fans can breathe easy knowing Tucker will deliver.

Madden NFL 24 will hit stores on August 18th, 2023, offering an opportunity to experience the skills of these incredible kickers and punters. Get ready to unleash their power on the field!

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