Master Detective Archives: Rain Code – Ch. 0 Walkthrough

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code - Ch. 0 Walkthrough

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Master Detective Archives: Rain Code is here, and boy, are fans of the spectacular Danganronpa series excited! With Spike Chunsoft publishing and Kazutaka Kodaka’s Too Kyo Games developing, it’s the reunion project we’ve all been waiting for.

Players are in for a wild ride right from the start in Rain Code. Our amnesiac protagonist, Yuma Kokohead (yep, that’s his name), wakes up in a storeroom and learns about his identity through a mysterious letter. He’s now part of the World Detective Agency! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back on this thrilling adventure. So, hop aboard the Amaterasu Express and let’s get started!

🎥 Video Guide to Rain Code Prologue

What Does Difficulty Effect?

Difficulty Trick Question in Rain Code

Here’s the thing, my friends. Your choice of difficulty doesn’t really impact the game in Rain Code. Your new partner, with all their leniency, meanness, troublemaking, and adorableness, assures us that it’s just the game’s way of getting you acclimated to its quirky sense of humor. So, go ahead and choose the difficulty level that tickles your fancy, knowing that it won’t affect your gameplay!

Train, Part One: Waking Up Late

Yuma Kokohead Name Plate

After the cheeky intro sequence, Yuma finally wakes up and starts figuring things out. As soon as you gain control, pay attention to all that talk about Detective Points by interacting with every item around you.

On the shelves, you’ll find various items like bags, hats, and books. Interacting with them will increase your Detective Points by ten. Nice, right? Yuma also notices a label saying “Lost Items” on a toy robot, so be sure to check that out.

There are a few more things to investigate in the room. Look for a cardboard box, but for now, it doesn’t seem helpful. The back of the room is a no-go at the moment, as Yuma decides not to move anything to reach whatever’s back there. And don’t forget the shelf with umbrellas, which has a label that reads “Lost Items Temporary Storage.”

🚪 Now, open the door and step into the next room. Brace yourself for the first of many question-and-answer segments in Rain Code. The answer here is incredibly obvious. I mean, come on, “The place I was sleeping was…”

Station’s Lost and Found

Congratulations! You just earned yourself 30 Detective Points for the right answer. Keep up the excellent detective work, my friend! Oh, and remember, you can always access tutorial content at any time from the menu. It’s great to stay well-informed, just like a true detective.

Case Files Menu

Train, Part Two: Getting Acquainted With The Amaterasu Express

Window on Amaterasu Train in Restroom

Before we embark on our detective journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate the warnings on the door. Safety first, right? And don’t forget to check the map of the train; it’s always good to know where you’re headed.

Now, let’s explore the train a bit. Head down the hall and enter the restroom. Yes, I assure you there’s something interesting to discover in there. Take a look at the toilet door, the window, and even the mirror. Who knew Yuma could see his reflection? Quite a surprise, isn’t it? After you’re done in the restroom, make your way to the infirmary. Oh, it’s locked! But remember, we’ll definitely come back to this place later.

Next stop is the main control room. Give it a visit and say hello to your fellow detectives. They might not have much to say, except for the guy with cat ears. Pay attention to what he has to say; it could be important. And don’t forget to talk to everyone in the room. Meet Zilch, Pucci, Melami, Aphex, and Zange. They all have something to contribute to our detective journey.

Take your time to learn about Amaterasu Corporation, Kanai Ward, and, of course, the Amaterasu Express. Knowledge is power, my friend! On this journey, you’ll have ample opportunities to increase your Detective Rank. Isn’t that exciting? But before we move on, let’s answer another vital question:

🔍 “Who is the most suspicious?”


Excellent choice, my fellow detective! Yuma himself is quite a character, isn’t he?

Train, Part Three: Searching The Cars

It’s all taking root

Hop back to the first train car and get ready for some detective work. We need to find a key, so let’s begin our search. Enter the restroom for quite the scene. And don’t worry, we’re all familiar with Shinigami by now. Take another look at the restroom door, the window, and even the mirror. Who knows, maybe you missed something the first time around?

Now, let’s head to the second train car. Inside, check out the fire extinguisher, the medical equipment, and the AED. Take your time to explore the area and interact with everything that catches your eye. Next, move forward and reach the area where you met the detectives earlier. This is where things get intense! Investigate the corpse and the liquor bottle, and don’t forget to check the bar counter. Then, proceed through the door past the bar.

Onto the third train car. Let’s check each room one by one. Start with Room 301 and make sure to inspect the corpse, the trolley bag, the stuffed bear, and the cat ear headphones. Then, move on to Room 302 and examine the suitcase, the clothing brush, and the animal print glasses case.

After Rooms 301 and 302, it’s time for the Backup Control Room. Pay close attention to the control device, the monitor device, and don’t forget to take a look at the intercom. It might come in handy later on.

Arriving at the fourth train car, we’ll continue our systematic search. In Room 401, take a look at the tissues, the jacket, and the magazine. In Room 402, you’ll find our dear friend Zange. Investigate the corpse, the bag, and the notebook with the fountain pen. Oh, and get ready for some insults from Shinigami. No Detective Points for that, unfortunately. Lastly, in Room 403, explore the clothes, the travel bag, and the cosmetics pouch.

We’re almost there, my sharp-minded detective! Let’s move on to the fifth and final train car. Investigate the corpse automatically, and then examine the main control room and the connecting door—make sure not to miss anything important. Since Yuma rushed ahead, we should definitely check the room behind him. Look for medical equipment, a fire extinguisher, an AED, a burned bed, and be sure to grab the door key.

Keep track of your Detective Rank; you might just hit new heights of investigation greatness!

Amaterasu Train Car Five

Phew, you’ve done a fantastic job searching the train cars! But hold on, the excitement isn’t over yet. Get ready for another thrilling cutscene.

Rain Code now introduces us to the art of quick time events. Follow the on-screen prompts within the allotted time as Yuma makes his daring moves. Keep up the detective spirit, my friend!

Once you’ve mastered the train investigation, it’s time to move on to the first Mystery Labyrinth. To find out more, click on the link below!

Mystery Labyrinth, Part One: Introduction

After a hilarious crash course on the Mystery Labyrinth, we find ourselves back here again. Our partner, Shinigami, kindly shares essential information with us. Make sure you’ve interacted with everything aboard the Amaterasu Express; it’ll come in handy during this labyrinth of mysteries.

The Mystery Labyrinth in Rain Code offers plenty of depth, with various paths and Labyrinth Skills. These skills require Memory Cost, so be smart with your choices. Open up the menu and allocate Vitality 1 for starters. It’s always best to stay sharp and healthy during detective work!

Midsummer Night Feed

As you progress, you’ll unlock more Memory Cost as your Detective Rank increases. Take advantage of it! Grab skills like Midsummer Night Feed 1, Keymeister 1, and Endless Summer. They’ll definitely come in handy during your investigation.

Now, let’s run ahead and embrace the trippy atmosphere of the Mystery Labyrinth. Get ready for Rain Code’s first Mystery Phantom battle. It’s time to put your detective skills to the test! Follow each phase of the battle, and remember, the correct response is crucial.

Mystery Labyrinth, Part Two: Burning Questions

Sword Revealed in Rain Code
  • Attempt to dodge the first five.
  • When faced with “You’re the only one who could have done the crime!”—slash away!
  • Keep dodging. When prompted with “And only pretended to drink it!”—select Thoughtography Image.

Congrats, detective! You’ve tackled the burning questions and uncovered valuable clues in the Mystery Labyrinth.

Mystery Labyrinth, Part Three: Conclusion

Returning to Crime Scene

We’re now back at the crime scene, ready to solve the final puzzle. Grab the cushion and the burned blanket, and get ready for another mind-bending Shinigami Puzzle. Rain Code truly knows how to keep us on our toes!

Pull the letters “R,” “E,” and “D” off the barrel to spell “red.” Ah, the power of deduction! Next up, choose “Z*OM” when prompted, then select “Zilch’s corpse.” Ah, the pieces are falling into place.

Crossing the Crumbling Path

“Was what Yuma saw through the window actually Zilch?”


“Was the burned corpse in Car 1 actually Zilch?”


“Zilch swapped places with the corpse in the infirmary…”

Before Yuma entered

“Where was the burnt swapped-out corpse hidden?”

🔍 The vent to the right of the bed

Hold on tight, detective! We’re heading into another Reasoning Death Match.

Chapter 0 Reasoning Death Match Four
  • Equip Aphex’s corpse.
  • Slash away at “There was no corpse to replace anyway.”

You’re doing wonderfully, my brilliant detective! But our adventure doesn’t end here. The journey continues with more mysteries in Rain Code’s prologue. But first, let’s tackle one final challenge—the God Shinigami Rush!

God Shinigami Rush

Chapter 0 God Shinigami Intro

It’s time for the ultimate showdown! Get ready to kick, dodge, and jump as situations demand. Taking damage won’t end the world, but it’s always a good idea to avoid it whenever possible.

And don’t forget about those Solution Keys! Your answers will determine your success against the mighty walls!

“There’s no evidence they ever swapped!”

The warped plate

“You have no hard evidence proving that location was the first car!”

Bloodstains on the interior lock

“Where was Zilch hiding?”

Main Control Room A

Congratulations on completing Chapter 0’s thrilling Mystery Labyrinth. But don’t celebrate just yet! The prologue of Rain Code wraps up with the first Deduction Denouement. Click on the link below for the final part of our adventure!

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