Meet the creator of this Starfield ship “passion project” that took over 4000 hours to make.

Meet the creator of this Starfield ship "passion project" that took over 4000 hours to make.

Home Among the Stars – Starfield Ship Customization

Starfield, the highly anticipated RPG from Bethesda, offers an exciting array of features that allow players to shape their own adventure in the vastness of space. From creating our own characters to making choices that impact the game, the possibilities are endless. And at the center of this cosmic exploration are the ships we can pilot. As lead ships artist Ryan Sears puts it, “your ship is almost like having another character, or home, you can make all your own”. With ship customization options and the ability to recruit our own crew, Starfield’s ship customization is shaping up to be one of the most appealing aspects of the game.

In a recent gameplay deep dive, Bethesda showcased the vast possibilities of ship crafting. We saw players transform their ships into everything from sleek vessels to Optimus Prime himself. But what really gets me excited about ship customization in Starfield are the incredible ship concepts created by creative fans. One such fan, Michael Thomas (aka Its_All_Pixels on Reddit), has spent the last three months crafting an awe-inspiring ship render using Blender, which caught the attention of Bethesda.

“I’ve dedicated the better part of the last three months to building this ship every day when I’m not working. It’s become a true passion project that I find myself enjoying and getting excited about,” says Thomas. With over 4,400 hours of experience in Blender, he has poured his heart and soul into this creation. Thomas is currently putting the finishing touches on the ship’s interior, including the engineering and crew sections, in order to create a full walkthrough animation. The level of dedication and craftsmanship is truly commendable.

The initial inspiration for Thomas’ ship came from Bethesda’s videos and concept art for Starfield. He was particularly drawn to the modular and realistic design of the ships, which he felt brought a refreshing edge to science fiction aesthetics. Bethesda’s “Nasa-punk” aesthetic, with a slight retro and analogue touch, further bolstered Thomas’ vision for his ship. The goal was to achieve a lived-in feel, with every detail reflecting the realism and wear-and-tear of a ship that has traversed the stars.

The attention to detail in Thomas’ ship design is remarkable. From scratches and dints on the exhaust panels to functional engineering features like landing gear that folds and stows realistically, every aspect has been carefully considered. Thomas took inspiration from the concept art and videos provided by Bethesda but also added his own unique twists, ensuring that his ship stands out. His ability to combine functionality with a cohesive and fantastical design is truly impressive.

Thomas credits fellow Blender user Markom3D for mentoring and providing invaluable guidance throughout the project. The tutorials and engagement on Markom3D’s Discord server have helped Thomas understand animation techniques and overcome texturing challenges. Their collaboration has been an essential factor in his progress.

When asked about his expectations for ship customization in Starfield, Thomas expresses curiosity about how different sections of a ship will affect its interior. He is eager to explore the vast variety of ship types available in the game and how they can be modified to suit individual preferences. Thomas’ ship concept has received overwhelming support on Reddit, with even Bethesda taking notice and sharing his creation on Twitter. He is humbled by the response and grateful for the opportunity to share his vision with the community.

It’s truly inspiring to witness the creativity that Starfield’s ship customization features have already sparked among fans. With players like Thomas pushing the boundaries of imagination, I eagerly await the incredible designs the player community will bring to life when Starfield launches this September.

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