Metal Gear Solid’s Colonel Campbell not pleased with unauthorized use of his voice, even by AI.

Metal Gear Solid's Colonel Campbell not pleased with unauthorized use of his voice, even by AI.

Voice Actors Unite Against AI Voice Theft

Voice acting is an art, a craft honed by talented individuals who bring life to our favorite characters. But recently, some actors have found their vocal talents being used without permission, even by AI. It’s a real “what the beep!” moment, and it’s time to address this issue head-on!

One such voice acting legend, Paul Eiding, best known as Colonel Roy Campbell from Metal Gear Solid, has taken a stand. He’s voiced characters in iconic games like Fallout and Shin Megami Tensei 5, so when he says, “DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION,” you better listen! And yeah, that includes those sneaky AI-generated voice lines too. Talk about a violation of his legal rights and a slap in the face!

But Eiding isn’t the only one who’s had enough. David Hayter, the voice behind Solid Snake, has also expressed his disdain for AI technology. According to him, anyone who steals your voice should be locked up forever. Can you imagine being soullessly replicated by some AI? No way!

Hayter points out that AI will never capture the subtleties and emotional nuances that talented voice actors like Jennifer Hale bring to the table. It’s like comparing a microwave dinner to a Michelin-starred feast. Technologically, it might be possible, but it will always be soulless.

And it’s not just the Metal Gear Solid cast that’s rallying against this voice theft. Erica Lindbeck, the incredible talent behind characters like Black Cat in Marvel’s Spider-Man and Cassie Cage in Mortal Kombat 11, recently had a run-in with a content creator using her voice in an AI-generated video. Not cool, dude!

Lindbeck’s voice was used in an AI-generated cover of Bo Burnham’s “Welcome to the Internet,” where her Persona character, Futaba Sakura, took center stage. Understandably, she wasn’t too thrilled about it. She even asked her followers to report any similar videos they come across. You go, Erica!

Of course, the AI creator didn’t take it well, accusing Lindbeck of inciting a “harassing campaGameTopic” over what they deemed a “harmless Futaba AI cover video.” But hey, actions have consequences, and the creator’s Twitter account got suspended for violating their media policy. Chew on that!

If you’re curious about what other seasoned voice actors think about AI and its impact on their craft, check out Ed’s interview with Jane Perry and Troy Baker. They delve into their skepticism about AI’s ability to replicate human performances and discuss the potential repercussions it could have on the voice acting industry.

But let’s remember, behind every iconic character is a talented voice actor who deserves credit and respect. So, let’s keep fighting against voice theft, one witty line and heartfelt performance at a time!

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