🎯 Unleashing the Dot Com Dash Tournament in Monopoly GO! 🚀

Discover Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Dot Com Dash Tournament in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO’ is a game that offers exciting rewards and milestones for dot com dash.

If you’re a Monopoly enthusiast, hold onto your top hats because Scopely has just released a thrilling new tournament called Dot Com Dash in Monopoly GO! 💼🎲 This special event commenced on January 12th and is set to run for one day only, alongside the exhilarating Wall Street Wonders event. 📅 Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride of fun as we dive into all the juicy details about the Dot Com Dash tournament, including how to rack up points like a tycoon! 💰

💎 All Monopoly GO Dot Com Dash Rewards and Milestones 💎

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🏆 To keep you motivated, Scopely has lined up an impressive array of rewards and milestones for all aspiring tycoons out there. Let’s dive into the details:

💼 Milestones | Points Required | Rewards

1️⃣ | 45 | 120 Flower Tokens 2️⃣ | 55 | 50 Free Dice Rolls 3️⃣ | 80 | One-Star Sticker Pack 4️⃣ | 90 | 140 Flower Tokens

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🎲 Dot Com Dash Leaderboard Rewards 🎯

Wondering what awaits the top-ranking players? Here are the covetable rewards for the Dot Com Dash leaderboard:

👑 Ranks | Rewards

1️⃣ | 1,500 Free Dice Rolls, 400 Flower Tokens, Four-Star Sticker Pack 2️⃣ | 800 Free Dice Rolls, 400 Flower Tokens, Four-Star Sticker Pack 3️⃣ | 600 Free Dice Rolls, 400 Flower Tokens, Four-Star Sticker Pack 4️⃣ | 500 Free Dice Rolls, 400 Flower Tokens, Three-Star Sticker Pack 5️⃣ | 400 Free Dice Rolls, 400 Flower Tokens, Three-Star Sticker Pack

Now that we’ve dished out all the rewards and milestones, it’s time to share some strategic tips to help you become a Dot Com Dash champion! 🥇

🎲 Dot Com Dash Tournament Strategy 🚀

Race against the clock and rack up those points before the tournament times out! To accomplish this feat, you’ll need to master the art of landing on the coveted ‘Railroad’ spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the point system for different events:

🏦 Heist Points 🔒

Get ready to channel your inner mastermind as the thrill of heists takes over! Here’s how many points you’ll earn for each heist:

🔔 Small: 4 points 🔔 Large: 6 points 🔔 Bankrupt: 8 points

🛑 Shutdown Points 🚧

Timing is everything! Strategize your moves to optimize your shutdown points:

🚫 Blocked: 2 points ✅ Successful: 4 points

With just one day left in the Gardening Partners event, now’s your chance to amass thousands of Flower Tokens and complete your Monopoly Origins sticker album. Join the Dot Com Dash tournament and aim for the top ranks on the leaderboard. 💼🌼

Remember, in the world of Monopoly, it’s all about building your empire and making those calculated moves. Good luck, tycoons! May the dice roll ever in your favor! 🎲✨

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