How to Change Your Appearance in Monster Hunter World

Learn How to Alter Your Hunter's Physical Features and Cosmetic Armor Sets in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Changing Appearance Made Easy!

Prompt for changing character appearance in Monster Hunter World

Like the vast majority of other RPGs, players in Monster Hunter World are given the chance to create their own character at the start of the story. While the game’s character creator might be somewhat limited, there’s enough variety there to make some truly unique avatars. If you’re itching to change your Hunter’s look, there is a way for you to completely redo them from scratch. However, such an opportunity isn’t always available, which is why it’s best to think things through several times over before deciding to change your appearance in Monster Hunter World. Here’s how to do it.

How to Change Your Appearance in MHW

To change your character’s physical appearance, you’re going to need a Character Edit Voucher. You can get a free one by visiting your preferred platform’s game store (check the DLC tab for Steam users), and you can purchase additional ones later on.

Once you’ve acquired a Character Edit Voucher, boot the game, and you should see an option to edit your character’s appearance on the character selection screen. Press the appropriate button to begin the makeover process. The Character Edit Voucher lets you remake your Hunter as if you’re creating them again for the first time — this includes the ability to change their sex, face, and other physical attributes. However, the voucher will not let you edit your character’s name.

If you’re not interested in changing your character’s look, you can edit their hair and makeup by visiting your Item Box inside your room in either Astera or Seliana. Changing appearance via the Item Box is free, and you can do it as many times as you want without burning a voucher.

💡 Pro Tip: PC players can use mods to change their appearances for free. However, this isn’t recommended as it might corrupt your saves or possibly get your account banned for violating the EULA. So, it’s better to stick with the official Character Edit Voucher.

Layered Armor

The Layered Armor window in Monster Hunter World

In addition to changing your character’s appearance, the game also offers a system known as Layered Armor. It works similarly to transmog systems found in other games. With Layered Armor, you can change the appearance of your equipped armor sets without affecting their skills and set effects.

To utilize Layered Armor, you’ll need to craft it at the Smithy and edit your Layered Armor settings at an Item Box. Equipping Layered Armor is completely free, and you can freely wear or remove any piece as many times as you want.

To unlock more Layered Armor options, you’ll have to progress through the game’s story, complete optional quests, and participate in event quests. While the crafting requirements for Layered Armor aren’t as steep as actual armor, be prepared to gather materials that are hard to find in regular hunts.

👑 Expert Tip: Experiment with different combinations of Layered Armor to create your own unique style that sets you apart from other Hunters.

Additional Q&A Content

Q: Can I change my character’s name with a Character Edit Voucher?

A: No, unfortunately, the Character Edit Voucher only allows you to change your character’s physical appearance, not their name. If you want to change your character’s name, you’ll have to start a new game or create a new character.

Q: How many times can I change my character’s appearance using a Character Edit Voucher?

A: Each Character Edit Voucher allows you to completely redo your character’s appearance, but you’ll need one voucher for each makeover. Additional vouchers can be purchased if you feel like changing your appearance multiple times.

Q: Can I undo my character’s appearance changes and revert to their original look?

A: Unfortunately, once you’ve used a Character Edit Voucher and made changes to your character’s appearance, there’s no way to revert back to their original look. So, make sure you’re happy with your decisions before finalizing them.

Q: Are there any limitations on the types of changes I can make to my character’s appearance?

A: The Character Edit Voucher allows extensive changes to your character’s appearance, including their sex, face, and other physical attributes. However, there may still be some limitations within the character creator’s options. So, while you have a lot of freedom, don’t expect to be able to make drastic changes that aren’t offered in the customization menu.


Changing your character’s appearance in Monster Hunter World is a great way to add a personal touch to your gaming experience. Whether you want a fresh start with a new look or just want to experiment with different hairstyles, the Character Edit Voucher and Layered Armor system offer plenty of options to customize your Hunter. Just remember to think things through and make decisions you’ll be happy with, as changing your appearance may not always be possible or free.

So, grab your Character Edit Voucher and get ready to slay monsters in style! And if you found this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your fellow Hunters on social media!


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