Mr. Beast addresses criticism of promoting TMNT during actors’ strike.

Mr. Beast addresses criticism of promoting TMNT during actors' strike.

Mr. Beast’s Mischievous Move in the Midst of the Actors’ Strike

TMNT: Mutant Mayhem

Ah, the drama! It seems like Mr. Beast has found himself in a bit of a pickle. Some fans are calling him a scab for his involvement in the promotion of the highly anticipated movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, during the ongoing actors’ strike. But let’s dive into the details and see what’s really going on here.

Lights, Camera, Strike!

The Screen Actors Guild went on strike on July 14th, leaving the entertainment industry in a state of chaos. With no agreement reached between the actors and the studios, almost all film and TV productions have come to a screeching halt. During this strike, actors are strictly forbidden from promoting any past, current, or future projects for the studios. That includes the upcoming TMNT movie. So, what’s a studio to do? Well, they turn to influencers, of course!

Enter Mr. Beast, the Ninja Turtle?

Beloved YouTuber and philanthropist, Mr. Beast, has a small role in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. But here’s the twist: he’s not allowed to promote the film due to the strike. However, being the mischievous character he is, Mr. Beast couldn’t resist teasing his involvement on his Instagram story. “I’m in a movie, check it out lol,” he playfully exclaimed. Now, here’s where things get interesting.

To Scab or Not to Scab?

You see, Mr. Beast is not a member of the SAG-AFTRA union. As a non-union actor, he is technically allowed to promote the film without breaking any rules. But doing so would label him a scab, which could affect his chances of joining the union in the future. However, it turns out that Mr. Beast had already signed an influencer contract to promote the TMNT movie before the strike began. According to the SAG-AFTRA strike website, if an influencer is already under contract to promote struck work, they should fulfill their obligations. So, it seems like Mr. Beast is in the clear… or is he?

Backlash and Support

Of course, Mr. Beast isn’t the only one facing backlash during this strike. Arrow star Stephen Amell also found himself in hot water after speaking out against the strike at a fan event. However, he later clarified his thoughts on the labor dispute in an Instagram post. It’s a tough time for everyone involved, but let’s not forget the bigger picture.

A Silver Lining

If Mr. Beast’s claims are true and his involvement in the TMNT promotion was part of a contract signed before the strike, then he’s not scabbing and is well within the rules and regulations. In fact, he even pledged to donate to the strike fund to show his support for the actors. Every contribution counts, and it will undoubtedly help those in need during this challenging time. Let’s hope this strike comes to an end soon, and the actors can reach a fair agreement with the studios.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is currently playing in theaters, so grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

Source: MrBeast/Twitter

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