MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 AIO Cooler Review

MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 AIO Cooler Review

Overclockers, those brave souls who push their PCs to the limit, are always on the lookout for ways to squeeze out even more performance. They’re like mad scientists, except instead of creating monsters, they create rigs that can play games at the speed of lightning. The MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 is here to help them in their quest for maximum framerates and epic gaming sessions.

When it comes to gaming performance, the graphics card usually takes the spotlight. But certain games, like the infamous Microsoft Flight Simulator, also demand a lot from your CPU. That’s where the MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 comes in. This AIO liquid cooler is designed to keep your CPU cool even when it’s working overtime.

With its sleek 2.4-inch IPS LCD, the MEG CoreLiquid S360 adds a touch of modernity to any PC setup. But don’t be fooled by its good looks – this cooler means business. It comes with a 60 mm VRM fan in its water block and three efficient and quiet Silent Gale P12 fans. But let’s not waste any more time drooling over this beauty – let’s see how it performs.

MEG CoreLiquid S360 Cooler

MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 Cooler

Price: $249 ($280 Save $31)

  • Brand: MSI
  • Cooling Method: Liquid
  • Integrated Lighting: No
  • Noise Level: 21.2 dBA
  • Fan Speed: 0 – 2000 RPM


  • Attractive and versatile 2.4” LCD screen
  • Works with most CPUs and the latest Intel LGA 1700 socket
  • Includes VRM fan in water block
  • MSI Center is easy to use for novice overlockers


  • Similar performance possible with less expensive liquid coolers
  • P12 Silent Gale fans lack RGB lighting

You can get the MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 Cooler for $249 on Amazon or $260 at Newegg.

Contents of Package

The MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 comes in a stylish black and gold box that matches the packaging of other high-end MSI components. Inside the box, you’ll find the radiator, two motherboard backplates, three Silent Gale P12 fans, an LCD cover, and all the screws, bolts, and washers you’ll need for installation.

Package Contents

Installation is a breeze for anyone familiar with liquid cooling systems. The first step is attaching the backplate to the motherboard, and then you simply connect the water block to the CPU using the provided screws. The MEG CoreLiquid S360 is compatible with most common CPUs and the latest Intel LGA 1700 socket.

Installation Process

Once you’ve installed the water block, it’s time to find the perfect spot for the radiator. Most mid and full-tower cases will have no problem accommodating the 360 mm radiator. You can mount it on the front, rear, or side panel of your case, but the top is usually the most practical location.

Radiator Installation

Next, it’s time to attach the three Silent Gale P12 fans to the radiator. Take your time to ensure proper orientation and cable management. The fans are of excellent quality and provide excellent airflow, but they don’t have RGB lighting. If you’re a fan of fancy lights, you might be a bit disappointed.

Fan Installation

Connecting the water block and LCD to your motherboard is the final step. The MSI Center software allows you to customize the information shown on the 2.4-inch LCD screen. You can monitor CPU and liquid temperatures, fan speeds, and even display a clock or weather widget. It’s like having a mini command center right on your cooler!

MSI Center Display

DesGameTopic and Features

The MEG CoreLiquid S360 uses a 7th generation Asetek pump to circulate liquid through the cooling system. The heated liquid is pushed to the radiator, where it is cooled by the Silent Gale P12 fans, and then returned to the CPU to start the cycle again. It’s a closed-loop system that provides excellent cooling performance.


One standout feature of the MEG CoreLiquid S360 is its 2.4-inch LCD screen. This display can be rotated and customized using the MSI Center software. You can monitor CPU temperatures, GPU usage, liquid temperature, and even create your own custom graphics. It’s not just a cooler – it’s also a conversation starter!

Performance and Cooling

To test the MEG CoreLiquid S360’s performance, we overclocked an Intel Core i5 11600K CPU to 5 GHz. With a typical air cooler, the CPU would struggle to stay cool under heavy load, but the MEG CoreLiquid S360 kept it under control. We ran a series of benchmarks, including AIDA64 stress tests, and the cooler passed with flying colors.

Benchmark Results

The average CPU temperatures ranged from 70 to 73 degrees Celsius in both Balanced and Game modes. In Silent mode, temperatures reached 87 degrees at times, but the average was still a respectable 81 degrees. During normal usage and idle conditions, the CPU temperatures remained below 28 degrees Celsius.

The MEG CoreLiquid S360 performed on par with other high-end AIO liquid coolers, such as the EK 360 mm AIO Elite. While there may be slightly cheaper alternatives available, the MEG CoreLiquid S360 offers a balanced combination of performance and features that make it a standout choice.


The MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 is a premium AIO liquid cooler that delivers impressive performance and features. Its 2.4-inch LCD screen and customizable MSI Center software set it apart from the competition. Installation is straightforward, and the cooling performance is top-notch. While it may not have RGB lighting on its fans, it more than makes up for it with its sleek design and excellent cooling capabilities.

If you’re looking for an alternative with a similar LCD screen, the Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE LCD XT is worth considering. It comes with RGB-enabled fans and a control box for synchronized lighting effects. For those seeking the absolute best performance, the ASUS ROG Ryujin II 360 RGB is a powerhouse with a large LCD screen. And if you’re on a budget, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 A-RGB offers comparable performance at a lower price.

The MSI MEG CoreLiquid S360 is a reliable and high-performing AIO liquid cooler that will satisfy the demands of even the most enthusiastic overclockers. So go ahead, unleash the full power of your CPU and game on!


Q: Is liquid cooling better than air CPU coolers?

A: Liquid cooling is ideal for heavily overclocked CPUs, as it offers superior heat dissipation compared to air coolers. However, for most users, air coolers are more than sufficient for keeping their CPUs cool.

Q: Why should buyers purchase cooling products with a stock CPU cooler?

A: Stock CPU coolers are perfectly adequate for the average user’s needs. However, if you plan on overclocking your CPU, you’ll need a more powerful cooling solution to handle the increased heat output.