Final Fantasy 17: A New Direction for the Beloved Franchise 🎮✨

Square Enix's Naoki Yoshida believes that a different director should helm Final Fantasy 17 in order to create a game filled with difficult obstacles.

Naoki Yoshida believes that it’s time for someone new to take the reins and direct Final Fantasy 17.

Square Enix’s Naoki Yoshida, the acclaimed director behind Final Fantasy 14 and 16, recently shared his thoughts on the future of the franchise. In a candid interview with Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida on the Game Maker’s Notebook podcast, Yoshida expressed his belief that Final Fantasy 17 should be directed by someone new, bringing fresh perspectives and challenges that suit today’s world. 🌍

“Out with the Old, in with the New” 🚀

When jokingly asked if he would helm Final Fantasy 17, Yoshida charmingly replied that nothing has been decided yet. He humorously suggested, “I’ve had the chance to work on two of these, 14 and 16, so maybe it’s time for someone new, instead of having the same old guys handle the next one.” It seems Yoshida is eager to see the franchise embrace change and evolve with the times.

A Call for Youthful Sensibilities and Innovation 💡

Yoshida emphasized the importance of looking to the future and involving a younger generation with more youthful sensibilities in the creation of Final Fantasy 17. He believes that this approach will lead to a game that perfectly suits the challenges faced by today’s world. It’s all about keeping up with the times and presenting players with new and exciting experiences.

Dive In, Dream Big, and Challenge the Norms ⚔️

Yoshida’s advice to whoever takes on the directorial role for Final Fantasy 17 is to dive in headfirst and first put down on paper what they believe would be the most enjoyable Final Fantasy game. He believes that Final Fantasy games are all about challenging what’s been done before. To him, each new installment is an opportunity to create the most fun and engaging experience yet. It’s about pushing boundaries and constantly striving for greatness.

The Road Less Traveled: Turn-Based Battles and Real-Time Action 🔄⚡

When asked about the possible direction of the next game, Yoshida playfully hinted at the split in the community’s preferences for gameplay mechanics. He pondered whether Final Fantasy 17 could feature both real-time action and turn-based battles, or if it should go back to its pixel art roots. However, he then put forth a more serious suggestion — that Square Enix should leverage its experience from Final Fantasy 16 to continue challenging themselves in the action genre. The goal is to create a game with even greater storytelling, emotion, and impact.

The World Awaits: Weighty Fantasy or Grand Adventure? 🌟🌈

Yoshida also wondered aloud about the tone and themes that Final Fantasy 17 might explore. Will it be another weighty, serious fantasy like some of the previous entries, or will it be a grand adventure story aimed at a younger audience? With Final Fantasy, pushing the limits and exploring new territories is where the real fun lies. The possibilities are endless!

Blast from the Past: Final Fantasy 16 Development Insights 💥

During the interview, Yoshida also shared some interesting details about the development of Final Fantasy 16. He expressed his gratitude at being asked to lead the team after the success of Final Fantasy 14. Early development for the game began shortly after the release of Final Fantasy 15, with a core team of just three members focusing on the game’s story. Yoshida revealed that they felt the pressure to make a strong comeback, particularly since some aspects of the previous game were not well received. The theme of Final Fantasy 16 aims to show that even amidst a troubled world, hope and greatness can still prevail.

𝗖𝗕𝗨 𝟯 𝗕𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 𝗗𝗟𝗖 🌄

Yoshida discussed the work being done on Final Fantasy 16’s DLC. He called attention to the story-driven nature of the DLC, referring to the first part, Echoes of the Fallen, as proof of its significance. The team at CBU 3 is diligently working on expanding the world of Final Fantasy 16, promising more thrilling adventures for players to dive into.

Journey Continues: The Dawntrail Expansion for Final Fantasy 14 🌅

For fans of Final Fantasy 14, there’s even more excitement on the horizon. Yoshida revealed that the team is set to release Dawntrail, the next expansion for the game later this year. Prepare to embark on new quests, meet fascinating characters, and uncover extraordinary stories in this highly anticipated addition to the MMO.

🌟 More Games, More Fun! Join the Conversation! 🌟

Now, let’s shift gears and dive into an interactive section where we answer some burning questions you might have about Final Fantasy 17 and the future of the franchise:

Q: Who are some potential new directors that Square Enix could consider for Final Fantasy 17? 🎬

A: It’s difficult to say for sure, as Square Enix often surprises us with their choices. However, some talented individuals who have made a name for themselves in the gaming industry include Cory Barlog (God of War), Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid), and Laura Bailey (The Last of Us Part II). It would be fascinating to see what fresh perspectives they could bring to the beloved Final Fantasy series.

Q: Will Final Fantasy 17 feature an open-world setting like Final Fantasy XV? 🗺️

A: While it’s too early to confirm, Final Fantasy 17 could very well embrace the open-world concept that fans loved in Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix has a knack for creating breathtaking and immersive environments, and an expansive open world would provide players with endless possibilities for exploration, discovery, and epic battles.

Q: Can we expect Final Fantasy 17 to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive? 🎮🔥

A: This remains unclear at the moment. With the release of the PlayStation 5 and the impressive technological advancements it brings, Final Fantasy 17 could potentially harness the console’s power to deliver stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. However, Square Enix has shown a commitment to making their games accessible to a wide audience, so we may see a multi-platform release to ensure that all fans can experience the magic.

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