New Pikachu Costume Revealed in Pokemon GO Datamine for Upcoming Event

New Pikachu Costume Revealed in Pokemon GO Datamine for Upcoming Event

Exciting News and Exclusive Pikachu Costume for Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Great news, fellow Pokémon trainers! Get ready to don your summer gear and spice up your Pokémon GO experience with an upcoming event that introduces a brand new Pikachu costume. In addition to that, brace yourselves for the grand debut of a mythical Pokémon as we gear up for the highly anticipated Pokemon GO Fest 2023. It’s time to level up and catch ’em all in style!

Discover New Pokémon and Earn Rewards at Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Despite some technical hiccups in the Routes feature, fear not! Pokémon GO Fest 2023 is here to save the day with more chances than ever to encounter new Pokémon and score cool rewards. This magnificent event will kick off in London and Osaka on August 4, followed by New York City on August 18. With festivities spanning three consecutive days in each city, trainers like yourself will have ample opportunity to meet and catch rare Pokémon, including the mystical Diancie. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to these in-person events, as Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global will commence on August 26, allowing you to hunt down Diancie right in your own neighborhood.

Pikachu’s New Summer Costume Revealed!

Prepare to be amazed as a recent datamine from PokeMiners unveils Pikachu’s stylish new summer shirt costume. Drawing inspiration from the Okinawan Kariyushi Shirt Pikachu costume, previously exclusive to Japan, this irresistibly cute outfit is sure to make waves during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. While the exact method to earn this costume remains a mystery for now, rest assured that shiny costume variants will be up for grabs during the thrilling annual event. Adorn your virtual buddy and conquer the Pokémon world in fashion!

Special Treats for Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Attendees

Attention, London and Osaka Pokémon trainers! You lucky devils will be the first to catch the elusive Diancie and even witness its mega evolution during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Meanwhile, trainers in the United States and other regions will have to hold their breath and wait with bated excitement until the latter half of August for their chance to encounter this captivating creature. Mega and shiny variants of Diancie await, so gear up and train hard to embark on this extraordinary adventure!

Mega Rayquaza Hits the Global Stage

Get ready to raise the roof as Mega Rayquaza makes its grand debut in limited-time raids during Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Brace yourself for epic battles and a brand new Rayquaza Special Research. Unlock the power of Meteorites as you embark on a quest to Mega Evolve Rayquaza and equip it with formidable new moves. This legendary Pokémon is ready to unleash its might, so gather your team and prepare for battles of epic proportions!

Time to Step Up Your Game, Trainers!

With these exciting updates on the horizon, let the countdown to Pokemon GO Fest 2023 begin! Grab your smartphones, flex your Pokémon mastery, and embark on an epic adventure like no other. Remember, the fun never ends when you’re a Pokémon trainer! So polish those Poké Balls, charge up your devices, and get ready to catch ’em all in the wonderful world of Pokémon GO!

“Pokemon GO is available now for Android and iOS.” – Source: Dexerto