Nintendo still hasn’t tackled bootleg Pokemon vending machines.

Nintendo still hasn't tackled bootleg Pokemon vending machines.

Nintendo’s Pokemon Bootleg Vending Machines Still Running Wild in California


Turns out, Nintendo is having a tough time dealing with a peculiar problem – an army of bootleg Pokemon vending machines! These machines, found in California since early 2022, have been dishing out counterfeit copies of classic Pokemon games. It’s like Pikachu gone rogue!

The Pokemon franchise, as one of the most recognizable brands in the world, has always attracted its fair share of bootlegs and unlicensed merchandise. From fake trading cards to unauthorized plushies, Pokemon fans have seen it all. But these bootleg game cartridges take the counterfeit game to a whole new level.

The vending machines selling these dodgy carts don’t even bother with pretense. Instead of official packaging, they serve up their illicit goods in clear plastic cases – talk about transparent illegal activities! But here’s the kicker… They even offer Pokemon Green cartridges, a game that was never officially released outside of Japan. Clearly, this bootleg operation doesn’t hold back in its audacity!

Initially, these vending machines were first discovered back in February 2022, but it seems like Nintendo is caught in an endless game of copyright infringement Whack-A-Mole. Just when you’d think they had shut down the operation, another one pops up! In late July 2023, an LA-based Twitter user named Reb stumbled upon another one of these machines. Seriously, Nintendo, it’s time to level up your enforcement!


To make matters worse, it seems like the owner of this bootleg Pokemon venture has boldly expanded their operations. Reports on social media suggest that they currently operate a total of five vending machines throughout California. Talk about criminal entrepreneurship!

These vending machines have a no-nonsense pricing strategy, with a single price tag slapped across all their products. However, the price does fluctuate depending on the location, ranging from $10 to $15. Oh, and if you’re thinking of using your card for a purchase, be prepared to pay an extra $1 service fee. It’s like they want to steal your money legally!

It’s not surprising that the Pokemon fandom attracts bootlegs and knock-offs like Charizard to a flame. But what’s truly baffling is how Nintendo, known for its litigious reputation, hasn’t taken down this illicit business! They’ve won legal battles against piracy and even managed to put jail time on a real-life Bowser, so why haven’t they squashed these vending machine villains?

In a recent high-profile case, Gary Bowser, a Canadian national, felt the full wrath of Nintendo’s legal team. He was sentenced to 40 months in a U.S. federal prison and slapped with a whopping $20 million fine for selling hacked Nintendo consoles capable of playing pirated game ROMs as part of Team-Xecuter. Bowser may have been released in April 2023, but Nintendo made sure he’ll be paying for his actions for the rest of his life. Talk about a real-life Pokemon battle!

So, Nintendo, it’s time to put on your detective hat and crack down on these bootleg vending machines. Don’t let these pesky counterfeiters ruin the fun for your loyal fans! Pokemon trainers deserve authentic gaming experiences, not bogus cartridges from shady vending machines. Get out there, Nintendo, and save the day! The Pokemon world is counting on you!

Source: Weeats/ResetEra