Old School RuneScape introduces sequel to iconic 2005 Desert Treasure quest.

Old School RuneScape introduces sequel to iconic 2005 Desert Treasure quest.

Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire: Unveiling Old School RuneScape’s Treasure Vault

Yesterday, Old School RuneScape unlocked the grand doors of the long-awaited sequel, Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire. It’s time to embark on a perilous journey into the heart of the Kharidian Desert and delve into a vault that holds connections to the ancient Zarosian empire. Brace yourself, for you’ll once again find yourself entangled in the plans of the enigmatic Mahjarrat.

Desert Treasure 2 - The Fallen Empire

In Old School RuneScape, the lore often takes a divergent turn from its modern counterpart. Since the game is based on the August 2007 archive, any quests introduced after that date are not present in Old School RuneScape. This unique feature allows the developers to create brand-new stories tailored specifically for the nostalgic world, while giving a fresh twist to existing ones.

The Mahjarrat series is one such storyline that overlaps between the two versions of RuneScape. In RuneScape 3, these lich-like beings have been central characters for over a decade, thanks to quests like “While Guthix Sleeps” and “Ritual of the Mahjarrat.” However, in Old School RuneScape, they were absent until this year. The first Mahjarrat-focused quest, “Secrets of the North,” made its appearance in January. Now, Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire promises to bring these intriguing characters into the forefront of Old School’s storytelling.

Desert Treasure 2 - The Story of Zaros feat. PoisonedPotion

Aside from its lore implications, Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire offers a formidable challenge for any intrepid adventurer. As a Grandmaster quest, it’s the pinnacle of difficulty. To embark on this perilous undertaking, you’ll need to meet specific level requirements and complete a long list of prerequisite quests.

Once you begin your new odyssey, prepare to face off against four mighty bosses, each eager to test your combat prowess. So, dust off your best gear and stock up on summer pies or manta rays (farewell, trusty lobsters), because you’ll need all the sustenance you can get.

The battles will be fierce, but the rewards are worth shedding blood for. Each boss has a chance to drop a new component called a Vestige, which, when combined with an Icon for a Fremennik Ring, can forge one of four magnificent rings. These new rings provide astounding boosts to your melee, magic, or ranged stats, surpassing the capabilities of the Fremennik Rings. Beware though, acquiring a Vestige may take time, though the official Old School RuneScape Twitter assures us that they do indeed drop.

As if that weren’t enough, the bosses may grant you items to upgrade the revered Ancient Sceptre, as well as components for forging the formidable Soulreaper Axe. Completing Desert Treasure 2 – The Fallen Empire grants you the illustrious Ring of Shadows, which bestows its own array of offensive stat boosts.

Is that a Muspah statue in the bottom right-hand corner?

Old School RuneScape is available on PC, Mac, and even has a mobile version for iOS and Android. So gather your fellow adventurers, and let the grand quest begin!