Usopp’s Journey: A Sniper’s Path to Greatness

Usopp hasn't had many battles in the New World, but he will eventually have to confront some of these characters in One Piece.

5 Characters Usopp Can Defeat in the Future in One Piece


Usopp, the marksman of the Straw Hat Pirates in One Piece, is a character who is constantly growing in power and skill. Despite already having a 500 million berry bounty on his head, there is still so much more potential for him to unlock. In this article, we will explore the exciting future that awaits Usopp and the heights he is destined to reach.

  1. Usopp’s Room for Improvement

Usopp has already achieved great heights as a fighter, but his journey is far from over. His bounty may be high, but it doesn’t accurately reflect his current level of power. He still has room to improve and surpass many others in the story.

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🤔 Q&A: What other areas can Usopp improve on?

  • What new techniques can Usopp develop to enhance his sniping skills?
  • Will Usopp learn to use haki or acquire a devil fruit power?
  • How will Usopp’s interactions with other crew members contribute to his growth?

  1. The Rivalry with Jean Bart

Jean Bart

In the future, Usopp will encounter formidable rivals, and one of them is Jean Bart, a member of the Heart Pirates. Just as Usopp plays a crucial role in the Straw Hat crew after Zoro, Nami, and Sanji, Jean Bart holds a similar position in the Heart Pirates. Currently, Usopp may not match Jean Bart’s strength, but he will undoubtedly grow to surpass him.

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🤔 Q&A: What challenges will Usopp face in his rivalry with Jean Bart?

  • What contrasting skillsets do Usopp and Jean Bart possess?
  • How will their rivalry develop and impact their respective crews?
  • Will they ultimately become allies or remain rivals throughout the story?

  1. The Epic Elbaf Arc


The highly anticipated Elbaf arc will be a defining moment for Usopp. As the Straw Hat Pirates journey to this colossal island after leaving Egghead, Usopp will shine and face off against mighty giants. This arc promises significant character growth and thrilling battles for Usopp.

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🤔 Q&A: What can readers expect from Usopp’s character development in the Elbaf arc?

  • How will Usopp’s encounters with the giants in Elbaf shape his growth as a fighter?
  • Will Usopp form any meaningful alliances with giant warriors?
  • Are there any hints or foreshadowing about epic battles Usopp might engage in?

  1. The Showdown with Van Augur

Van Augur

Van Augur, a core fighter of the Blackbeard Pirates, poses an ultimate challenge for Usopp. As a skilled sniper himself, Van Augur’s all-out duel with Usopp will showcase the incredible heights our protagonist will reach by the end of the story.

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🤔 Q&A: How will Usopp prepare for his duel with Van Augur?

  • What strategies and techniques will Usopp develop to counter Van Augur’s abilities?
  • Will Usopp receive any special training or acquire new weapons for the showdown?
  • What will this epic battle mean for Usopp’s growth as a sniper and a warrior?

  1. Surpassing His Father, Yasopp

Usopp’s journey will lead him to an extraordinary encounter with his own father, Yasopp, a member of the Red Hair Pirates. Regarded as one of the three strongest officers in the crew, Yasopp’s sniping skills are unmatched. Usopp will have the opportunity to surpass his father and establish himself as a brave warrior of the sea.

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🤔 Q&A: How will the relationship between Usopp and Yasopp evolve during their encounter?

  • Will Usopp defeat his father in a friendly competition or a serious battle?
  • What emotional and personal growth will Usopp experience during this encounter?
  • How will Usopp’s triumph over his father solidify his status as a formidable pirate?

Usopp’s journey in One Piece is filled with exciting prospects and epic battles. As he continues to grow as a fighter, his character moments and victories will pave the way for him to become a legendary sniper. Stay tuned for the incredible adventures of Usopp, the brave sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates!

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