Who Was Joy Boy? A Legacy of Laughter and Liberation

Joyboy’s Complete History in One Piece, Explained.

One Piece - Robin First Uttering The Name Joy Boy That She Read From A Poneglyph

Joy Boy is a name that resonates throughout the world of One Piece, a figure shrouded in mystery and significance. Although the exact details of Joy Boy’s past remain elusive due to its ties to the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom, some key aspects have emerged as the story enters its final saga.

Joy Boy’s Joyous Journey

FishMan Island Arc in One Piece

One thing is clear: Joy Boy was a remarkable individual who lived over 800 years ago in the world of One Piece. He wasn’t just an ordinary person; he was a beacon of hope, spreading joy and laughter wherever he went. With a rubbery body and incredible fighting skills, Joy Boy not only brought smiles to people’s faces but also liberated them from their miseries. His legacy lives on, as he united people, formed lasting friendships, and helped those in need. Joy Boy was a true liberator, and that is the legacy he left behind.

The Enigma of Joy Boy’s Identity

One crucial fact to remember about Joy Boy is that it was not an actual name but a title given to this extraordinary individual. Similar to the title of Nika, it is unclear whether Nika was the real person behind Joy Boy’s story or another honorary title bestowed upon him. Fans must understand that Joy Boy was not the actual name of this fascinating character. It adds to the intrigue surrounding his mysterious past.

Joy Boy and the Broken Promise to the Fishmen

One Piece - Robin First Uttering The Name Joy Boy That She Read From A Poneglyph

Joy Boy’s first mention in the story occurs during the Fishman Island arc. Robin stumbled upon a Poneglyph in the Sea Forest, inscribed with an apology from Joy Boy to the fishfolk. He had promised the Fishmen and Merfolk that they would live together on the surface under a real sun. However, Joy Boy failed to fulfill this promise, presumably due to the immense challenges he faced in his battle against the 20 Kings of the World Government. Despite breaking his promise, Joy Boy assured them that someone in the future would come and fulfill it, marking the beginning of a new chapter as the next Joy Boy.

Joy Boy shared a close bond with the Mermaid Princess, known as Poseidon, guiding her towards the light. While the original Mermaid Princess passed away, she was reborn as Shirahoshi, destined to return alongside Joy Boy after 800 long years.

Joy Boy’s Prophesied Return

Luffy Nika Gear 5 Oda Freedom One Piece 1103

Joy Boy made a remarkable promise before his demise—his return. Even in the face of death, he knew there would come a day when he would return. This fact was known not only to his allies but also to those connected to his journey. The Fishman Island inhabitants awaited the return of Poseidon, who would be guided by Joy Boy when the time was right.

Amatsuki Toki, a member of the Wano clan, also possessed knowledge of Joy Boy, Nika, and their return. She traveled through time, leaping 800 years ahead to be present in the land of Wano when Nika resurfaced.

The late Pirate King, Roger, reached Laugh Tale over 20 years ago, where Joy Boy’s treasure lies. He uncovered the true history and realized that he had arrived too early. Roger yearned to exist in the same era as Joy Boy, and his wish reverberates through the current generation.

Joy Boy Finds His Successor in Luffy

One Piece Joyboy Buccaneer Race

It is revealed in the Wano Country arc that the person the world has been waiting for is none other than our beloved protagonist, Luffy. During the climax of the Wano Country Arc, Luffy’s apparent demise at the hands of Kaido triggers a remarkable transformation. As Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakens, Nika returns. Zunesha, a close comrade of Joy Boy, senses the Drum of Liberation emanating from Luffy’s heart and proclaims Joy Boy’s return.

Kaido, who has spent his whole life searching for Joy Boy, firmly believed that this individual would change the world, just as the King did. Kaido anchored himself in Wano, convinced that Joy Boy would someday arrive. In his pursuit, he anticipated that only the one who could defeat him would be worthy of facing Joy Boy. When Luffy awakens and challenges Kaido, ultimately achieving victory, the truth becomes clear—Luffy is, indeed, Joy Boy. His dream is now fully realized.

One Piece: Wano Country Liberated by Luffy So Far

Joy Boy is reborn through Luffy. Now, Luffy must embark on his final journey to the enigmatic Final Island, where he will uncover the truth behind Joy Boy’s struggles and the world’s hidden history. It is Luffy’s responsibility to fulfill the promise made by Joy Boy and reshape the world into a better place.

Where to Experience Joy Boy’s Tale

One Piece enthusiasts can immerse themselves in this epic journey through official channels. The series can be read for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps. Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventures of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they sail towards the ultimate truth.

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