One Piece: Fujitora – The Unique Admiral

One Piece: Fujitora - The Unique Admiral

Fujitora: The Admirable Outlier

In the world of One Piece, Admirals are the cream of the crop. These formidable warriors possess the strength of thousands of regular marine soldiers, making them a force to be reckoned with. While they may be seen as heroes by the people, they are the stuff of nightmares for pirates. But among these powerful individuals, one Admiral stands out from the rest with his unique personality and sense of justice – Fujitora.

Fujitora’s Unconventional Sense of Justice

Although all Admirals, and the Marines in general, fight for justice, Fujitora has his own distinct brand of justice that sometimes clashes with the World Government’s ideals. He has always been stubborn in upholding his version of justice, and being an Admiral hasn’t changed that one bit. Unlike his fellow Admirals who strictly adhere to the rules, Fujitora falls somewhere in the middle. He can be ruthless when necessary, but also flexible enough to bend the rules in certain situations.

What sets Fujitora apart is his focus on the well-being of the people rather than serving the higher power. He strongly advocated for the dissolution of the Seven Warlords system, recognizing its harm to the common people. In his eyes, the prosperity of the people takes precedence, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.

A Surprising Ally to the Outlaws

Typically, the Marines despise criminals and pirates, as it is their duty to defeat and capture them. However, there are a few Marines who assess each situation objectively, judging the actions and character of the outlaws rather than labeling them solely based on their pirate status. Fujitora falls into this category.

Very few individuals within the Marine share this principle, with Garp and Coby being notable exceptions. These Marines are willing to ally themselves with pirates or even the revolutionary army if it means protecting innocent lives. It is this unique perspective that makes Fujitora intrigued by the Straw Hat pirates and allows him to let them go on occasion. His actions, such as the liberation of slaves from Marie Geoise, demonstrate his willingness to be an ally to the outlaws when the circumstances demand it.

The Uncertain Future of Fujitora

Compared to his fellow Admirals, Fujitora is not afraid to voice his opinions, question orders, and critique the World Government’s policies if he deems them harmful to the people. This puts both Fleet Admiral Akainu and the Five Elders in a difficult position. They need Fujitora’s power to face their enemies, but his stubbornness and defiance of direct orders make him a potential threat to the World Government.

As the story progresses, Fujitora’s future could unfold in one of three paths. He could become like Kizaru, following orders without question. Alternatively, he may choose to follow in Aokiji’s footsteps and leave the Marines in order to challenge them directly. The most likely scenario, however, is for things to remain as they are until major world-changing events occur.

One thing is for certain – Fujitora’s presence in the Marine is anything but ordinary.

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