“One Piece: Vegapunk’s Devil Recreations”

"One Piece: Vegapunk's Devil Recreations"

Vegapunk: The Genius Scientist of One Piece

Momonosuke Dragon Form

Dr. Vegapunk, the brilliant and undoubtedly the smartest man in the world of One Piece, finally takes center stage in the final saga of the series. With a mind that surpasses humanity by 500 years, Vegapunk has accomplished incredible feats, including human cloning and the recreation of Devil Fruit powers. And let me tell you, these powers are seriously deadly!

7. Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu – The Peach Version

The very first power that Vegapunk successfully recreated was the Uo Uo no Mi, Model: Seiryuu, which originally belonged to Kaido. However, there’s a little twist here. Instead of the Azure Dragon, Vegapunk created the peach version of this fruit. But don’t be fooled, the powers are identical! Momonosuke, who consumed Vegapunk’s artificial Devil Fruit, possesses the same abilities as Kaido.

6. Supa Supa no Mi – Slice and Dice

Daz Bones Using His Devil Fruit

The Supa Supa no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit, was eaten by Daz Bones, also known as Mr. 1. Vegapunk recreated this fruit using Green Blood and bestowed it upon the Seraphim of Dracule Mihawk, S-Hawk. With this power, Mr. 1 can turn his entire body into a razor-sharp blade. He can slice and dice with any part of his body, from his arms to his fingers, and even transform into various types of cutting weapons. Watch out, this guy means business!

5. Sui Sui no Mi – The Ground is My Ocean

Senor Pink from One Piece

The Sui Sui no Mi, another Paramecia type Devil Fruit, belongs to the Donquixote Pirates’ Senor Pink. This incredible power allows Pink to swim through any surface around him, except for water due to his Devil Fruit weakness. Whether it’s the ground below him or the buildings beside him, he can effortlessly glide through them. Just imagine the chaos he can create!

4. Kage Kage no Mi – Master of Shadows

Gecko Moria One Piece

The Kage Kage no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit, was originally possessed by Gecko Moria, a former Warlord of the Sea. Using the power of shadows, Moria could control and manipulate them to his advantage. Vegapunk successfully recreated this fearsome Devil Fruit, granting the ability to control shadows and perform terrifying feats like zombification and creating shadow weapons. With this fruit’s power, Moria could become an unstoppable force!

3. Ito Ito no Mi – Deadly Strings

Donquixote Doflamingo in One Piece

The Ito Ito no Mi, another Paramecia type Devil Fruit, is a string-based power that Vegapunk also managed to recreate. With this ability, the user can produce and control strings, using them to manipulate the movements of others, slice through enemies, and even connect to clouds for flight. It’s one of the most versatile Devil Fruits in One Piece, and the fact that Vegapunk successfully recreated it is simply mind-blowing!

2. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi – Reflection at the Speed of Light

Zoro Begs Kuma

The Nikyu Nikyu no Mi is Bartholomew Kuma’s Devil Fruit, and Vegapunk recreated it by synthesizing Green Blood with the Lineage Factor. S-Bear, the Seraphim version of Kuma, now possesses the power of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi. This incredible ability allows S-Bear to reflect objects at lightning-fast speeds, even making contact with intangible things like pain, memories, and emotions. Talk about a handy power to have!

1. Mero Mero no Mi – The Deadly Charm


The Mero Mero no Mi is one of the most overpowered Devil Fruits in One Piece. Originally belonging to Boa Hancock, a former Warlord of the Sea, this power has been recreated by Vegapunk and bestowed upon S-Snake, the Seraphim version of Hancock. With the Mero Mero no Mi, the user can turn anyone into stone if they feel any form of attraction towards them, whether it’s cuteness or lust. Only the user can reverse the petrification, making this fruit truly deadly.

In Vegapunk’s quest to push the boundaries of science, he has recreated these incredible Devil Fruit powers, offering fans a glimpse of the extraordinary possibilities within the world of One Piece. Exciting times lie ahead as these powers add a new layer of danger and unpredictability to the final saga of the series!

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