Overwatch 2 arrives on Steam next month, more Blizzard games coming soon.

Overwatch 2 arrives on Steam next month, more Blizzard games coming soon.

Blizzard Embraces Steam: Overwatch 2 Invades Valve’s Fortress!

Blizzard, the titanic gaming studio renowned for their Battle.net exclusivity, is finally breaking free and venturing into new realms. First in line for this grand escape is none other than Overwatch 2, storming onto Steam this August! Brace yourself for an epic clash of gaming galaxies!

Since its inception way back in 1996, Battle.net has been the lifeblood of Blizzard’s gaming empire. Their PC titles, like Battle.net’s gatekeepers, have jealously guarded their exclusivity, snubbing Steam and other platforms. But the winds of change are finally blowing!

On the 10th of August, Overwatch 2 will make its triumphant arrival on Valve’s storefront, wielding the power of native features like Steam Achievements and seamless integration with your Steam friends list. Rumor has it that official Steam Deck support might even be on the horizon! Though, don’t forget, you’ll still need to link your game to a Battle.net account for features like cross-platform play.

“As we’ve evolved, the industry has evolved too,” Blizzard explained in their bold announcement. “Gaming is no longer confined to specific communities, as it was when Battle.net first graced the gaming world over two decades ago. Gaming is for everyone! While we will always cherish Battle.net, we want to break down barriers and make it easier for players across the gaming cosmos to discover and delight in our games.”

Blizzard President, Mike Ybarra, enthusiastically chimed in, stating, “Battle.net will always hold a special place in our hearts, but we’ve heard the cry for choice from players. So, we’re joining forces with the legendary Valve to grant that wish!”

But hold your horses, heroes and heroines, because Overwatch 2 is just the beginning! Blizzard has promised a tantalizing “selection” of their games heading to Steam in the future. Be patient, avid gamers, for when the time is right, they will unveil the secrets of this tantalizing lineup.

So, dear adventurers, brandish your keyboards, summon your mice, and prepare for an epic journey as Blizzard breaks free from the chains of exclusivity and invades the fiery realm of Steam! The battle has just begun, and victory is within reach. Let the games begin!

Check out the thrilling Overwatch 2 launch trailer on YouTube for a taste of the excitement!