Pikmin 4: 9 Pikmin Types & Their Abilities

Pikmin 4: 9 Pikmin Types & Their Abilities

Pikmin 4 – The Adorable Army Adventure Returns!

With Nintendo resurrecting the Pikmin series after a decade of absence, we can once again dive into the charming world of commanding cute creatures, all in a bid to rescue Captain Olimar from his eternal plight. And this time, we’ll be doing it on the fantastic Nintendo Switch! Pikmin 4 is here, and it’s bringing with it new types of Pikmin, exciting locations to explore, and a heap of fresh enemies to conquer.

But before you start stressing about the challenges that lie ahead, let’s take a moment to appreciate the helpful companions that join us on this epic journey. With nine different types of Pikmin at your disposal, knowing when and where to deploy these adorable little soldiers will be the key to overcoming every obstacle that Pikmin 4 throws your way.

All 9 Pikmin Types & What They Do in Pikmin 4

Meet Your Powerful Pikmin Posse

For devoted fans of the series, most Pikmin types in Pikmin 4 will be old friends, albeit with a few fresh faces. Here’s a rundown of each type of Pikmin and a brief description of their talents:

Pikmin Type Abilities
Red Pikmin The OG Pikmin, these red rascals are strong and resilient to fire. Perfect for early-game creature combat.
Ice Pikmin These cool customers can freeze both foes and bodies of water with their chilly bodies. Cool, right?
Yellow Pikmin Immune to electricity, these yellow fellas excel at digging in the dirt and tackling electric barriers. And they can be thrown high into the air, just like your hopes and dreams!
Blue Pikmin With their aquatic prowess, Blue Pikmin are the swimmers of the group, exploring watery areas without fear of drowning. Dive in and explore with confidence!
Rock Pikmin These sturdy little pebbles can smash through crystal nodules and walls. Plus, they’re immune to being crushed, making them the heavyweight champions of Pikmin combat.
Winged Pikmin Armed with the power of flight, these winged wonders are perfect for aerial battles and carrying objects over obstacles. Fly high and conquer the skies!
Purple Pikmin Slow but strong, these burly bruisers have the strength of ten Pikmin! Wind and bubble-based attacks won’t faze them either. Muscles, brains, and brawn – they’ve got it all!
White Pikmin These speedy sprinters are immune to poison and can even poison enemies that dare to gobble them up. Talk about turning the tables!
Glow Pikmin Encountered during Night Expeditions, these luminous legends are resistant to all elements. Form them into a glowing ball of light called Glowmob, perfect for blinding and stunning enemies. Shine on!

As you progress through Pikmin 4, you’ll gradually unlock access to all nine types of Pikmin. And trust us, using the right squad for each situation is crucial if you want to sweep up every precious treasure and rescue all the stranded Castaways.

So gather your army, fine-tune your strategies, and dive into the captivating world of Pikmin 4, exclusively available for the fantastic Nintendo Switch. Captain Olimar’s fate lies within your capable, Pikmin-filled hands!