Pikmin 4: All Onion Locations for Every Pikmin Type

Pikmin 4: All Onion Locations for Every Pikmin Type

Guide to Onions in Pikmin 4

Pikmin Onions

In the fantastical world of Pikmin 4, Onions are not just your average vegetable. They play a crucial role in your Pikmin adventures, granting you new types of Pikmin and expanding your squad. Plus, there’s a special vegetable called Flarlic that adds ten Pikmin to your roster. Let’s dive into the colorful world of Onions and Flarlics!

Unlocking New Pikmin with Onions

Finding colored Onions is the key to unlocking new types of Pikmin. These Onions are scattered throughout the game’s stages and hub area. You’ll need to collect all seven colored Onions to fully complete Pikmin 4. Remember, while you may stumble upon wild Pikmin in hidden caves, the only way to reliably cultivate specific types is by finding the colored Onions. So, keep your eyes peeled for these precious vegetables!

The Importance of Flarlic

Flarlics are not just your ordinary garlic. They have a special power in Pikmin 4 – each Flarlic you find increases the maximum number of Pikmin you can have by ten. This comes in handy when you have tasks that require a larger army of Pikmin. So, finding all twelve Flarlics scattered throughout the game’s main stages and hub area is of utmost importance. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to command the maximum number of Pikmin!

All Onions by Location

To help you on your quest, here’s a breakdown of the Onions and their locations:

Location Onions
Rescue Command Post – Red Onion
– White Onion
– Purple Onion
Sun-Speckled Terrace – Yellow Onion #1
– Blue Onion #1
– Flarlic #1
– Flarlic #2
Blossoming Arcadia – Yellow Onion #2
– Flarlic #3
– Flarlic #4
Serene Shores – Blue Onion #2
– Flarlic #5
– Flarlic #6
Hero’s Hideaway – Light Blue Onion
– Flarlic #7
– Flarlic #8
Giant’s Hearth – Black Onion
– Flarlic #9
– Flarlic #10
Primordial Thicket – Pink Onion
– Flarlic #11
– Flarlic #12
Onions by Location

All Onions by Type

Here are the distinct types of Onions you can find and where to locate them:

Onion Type Location(s)
Red Onion (Red Pikmin) The Rescue Command Post during the opening stages of the game
Yellow Onion (Yellow Pikmin) – Behind a crushable paper bag in the southwest corner of the Sun-Speckled Terrace area
– Southern part of Blossoming Arcadia
Blue Onion (Blue Pikmin) – Near the pond in the southern part of the Sun-Speckled Terrace area
– Circular pool in the southeast corner of Serene Shores
Light Blue Onion (Ice Pikmin) Freezer drawer in the northern part of the Hero’s Hideaway area
Black Onion (Rock Pikmin) Northern part of the Giant’s Hearth area
Pink Onion (Winged Pikmin) Southeast corner of the Primordial Thicket area
White Onion (White Pikmin) Completion of the “5th Story: The White Key” section of the Trial of the Sage Leaf questline, accessed via the Rescue Command Post
Purple Onion (Purple Pikmin) Completion of the “Final Story: The Purple Key” section of the Trial of the Sage Leaf questline, accessed via the Rescue Command Post

Remember, if you want the complete Pikmin experience, make sure to gather all the Onions in Pikmin 4! It’s time to embark on an onion-filled adventure!

Pikmin 4 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Happy gaming!