Pikmin 4: Engulfed Castle Guide

Pikmin 4: Engulfed Castle Guide

Pikmin 4: A Rollercoaster Ride of Nostalgia and Terror

Welcome back, fellow Pikmin enthusiasts! Pikmin 4 is here to take us on another adventure on the mysterious PNF-404 planet. Get ready to reunite with your beloved creatures like the adorable Breadbug and Honey Wisp. But hold on tight, because there are some new dangers lurking around the corner.

The Terrifying Waterwraith Returns!

Inside the treacherous Engulfed Castle cave in Serene Shores, you’ll encounter the nightmare-inducing Waterwraith once again. As you may remember, most attacks and bomb rocks have little effect on this beast. The only way to survive is to collect every piece of treasure as quickly as possible, dodging the pursuing monster. To make matters worse, you’ll initially only have Blue Pikmin at your disposal, facing challenges designed for other Pikmin types. Good luck, Captain!

Sublevel 1: Fiery Foes and Hot Challenges

On the first sublevel of the Engulfed Castle, be prepared to face fire-based enemies and dangerous fire geysers. Equip yourself and Oatchi with the Scorch Guard gear, available from Russ for only 50 raw materials. This will provide protection against the scorching flames. Lure the Pyroclasmic Slooch and Fiery Bulblax into nearby water to extinguish their fiery attacks, allowing your Blue Pikmin to attack without getting burned.

Treasure/Castaway Description, Name, Details
Hoop of Passion Center of map below Fiery Bulblax
Ice Sword Around the corner on the west side
Juicy Gaggle Next to Ice Sword
Secured Satchel Northeast corner, pressing frees the treasure
Vanishing Cookie Center of map, dropped by Fiery Bulblax

Sublevel 2: Ambush the Albino Dwarves

Sublevel 2 is infested with Albino Dwarf Bulborbs, accompanied by a powerful Red Bulborb guarding the Crush Nugget treasures. Sneak up on these bulbous baddies by hiding in nearby bushes, then strike when their backs are turned.

Treasure/Castaway Description, Name, Details
Crush Nugget x2 Down the hall from the base, dropped by Red Bulborb
Daughter of the Earth In the southeast corner, buried
Castaway In the northwest corner, defeat the Pearly Clamclamp

Sublevel 3: Shocking Electrifying Fun

Welcome to the electrifying Sublevel 3! Watch out for electrical rod hazards and enemies that will give you quite a jolt. Equip the trusty Anti-Electrifier gear from Russ, priced at a reasonable 50 raw materials. This gear will keep Oatchi safe from electric hazards and the Anode Dweevil.

Treasure/Castaway Description, Name, Details
Child of the Earth North corner, buried, and in a body of water
Memory Fragment (Bottom…Probably?) Center of the area, close to the other base location
Scaly Custard East of the other base location

Sublevel 4: Toxic Trouble and Mold Madness

Hold your breath, because Sublevel 4 is swarming with poisonous enemies and hazards. Moldy Dwarf Bulborbs and Venom Dweevils are the culprits behind the deadly toxins. Thankfully, Oatchi’s rush ability allows you to quickly take down these enemies. Look out for areas covered in sticky mold; destroy nearby mushrooms to get rid of it.

Treasure/Castaway Description, Name, Details
Difficult-Choice Totem Northwest, inside a tube surrounded by mushrooms
Insect Condo Northeast, dropped by the Startle Spore
Turn-of-Events Track West from the base under sticky mold
Velvety Dreamdrop Northeast, inside the tube near the Startle Spore

Sublevel 5: Confronting the Waterwraith

The moment we’ve all been waiting for- the epic battle with the Waterwraith! But first, make use of two nearby Violet Candypop Buds to crank out some Purple Pikmin. You’ll need their strength to flatten the paper bag blocking the boss room.

Approach the mysterious egg at the center of the room to engage in combat with the Waterwraith. Hop aboard Oatchi for mobility and easy dodging. Throw your Purple Pikmin at the beast to temporarily disable its invulnerability. Keep an eye on its transparent form; that’s your cue to prepare for its counterattack. Drain the enemy’s health, and it will flee. Pursue and defeat it once more to claim victory!

Treasure/Castaway Description, Name, Details
Castaway Laying next to the cave exit
Glinty Circular Disc Dropped by the Waterwraith
Noble Goo West part of the Waterwraith room, use Oatchi

Hey, don’t go anywhere just yet! The Pikmin 4 adventure continues with the Blossoming Arcadia. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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