Pikmin 4: Must-have Lab Gear and Items

Pikmin 4: Must-have Lab Gear and Items

Gear and Items Guide for Pikmin 4

Welcome to Pikmin 4, where the fate of Captain Olimar rests in your hands! As you embark on this rescue mission, having a sharp mind and quick reflexes is essential, but don’t forget about the valuable resources and gear that can make your adventure even more exciting. Let’s dive into the world of Pikmin 4 and discover the incredible gear and items you should get your hands on!

How to Get Gear and Items in Pikmin 4

Before you can start splurging on shiny new toys, you need to rescue our fearless expert, Russ of the Rescue Corps. He can be found waiting to be saved in the first cave of the Sun-Speckled Terrace level. Trust us; you won’t miss him!

As you progress through the game, more gear options will become available. So, keep pushing forward, and soon you’ll have access to an arsenal of epic tools.

Best Gear to Get First in Pikmin 4

Best Gear to Get First in Pikmin 4

While every gear in Pikmin 4 is worth getting, we recommend starting with these useful items to make your journey smoother:

Treasure Gauge – 40 Raw Materials

At such an affordable price, there’s no reason to skip this gear item. The Treasure Gauge helps you detect both treasure and Castaways, filling up as you get closer to them. When upgraded to the Treasure Gauge+, it even reveals the total number of treasures in a level and their exact locations. Talk about treasure hunting made easy!

Rush Boots – 120 Raw Materials

Although you’ll likely stick with your trusty Oatchi most of the time, there will be moments when you need to go solo. During these occasions, the Rush Boots will be your best friend, dramatically reducing travel time and allowing for more efficient exploration. Zip through the landscapes like a true hero!

Idler’s Alert – 80 Raw Materials

Pikmin 4 is all about multitasking, and wasting time retrieving completed Pikmin back at the base is a no-no. Say goodbye to unnecessary trips with the Idler’s Alert. Use this handy device to summon your hardworking Pikmin for their next task, dispatching them with unrivaled efficiency. Productivity, here we come!

Headlamp – 30 Raw Materials

Prepare for spelunking adventures in the cave-filled world of Pikmin 4! The Headlamp and its upgrades will guide you through the darkest depths, ensuring that even the gloomiest nights won’t stop your Pikmin from shining. Explore fearlessly with this illuminating gear.

Best Items to Get First in Pikmin 4

Best Items to Get First in Pikmin 4

When the going gets tough, single-use items can be a game-changer. Stock up on these helpful items before each adventure-filled day:

Emergency Kit – 5 Raw Materials

Nothing ruins a hero’s day more than low HP. Luckily, the Emergency Kit is here to save you from a knock-out. When your health reaches critical levels, this life-saving item automatically replenishes your health, keeping you in the game and ready for more epic battles.

Pikpik Carrot – 2 Raw Materials

Facing formidable enemies can be intimidating, but fear not! The Pikpik Carrot is your secret weapon. Feed this miraculous carrot to your Pikmin, and watch as it paralyzes enemies, leaving them vulnerable to Oatchi and your army of brave Pikmin. It’s time to turn the tide!

Bomb Rock – 8 Raw Materials

When all else fails, it’s time to bring out the big guns. The explosive power of the Bomb Rock can obliterate any obstacle or enemy that stands in your way. Blast through reinforced walls and clear a path to victory. Boom, baby!

Ice Blast – 8 Raw Materials

Yearning to freeze your opponents or effortlessly traverse icy terrain? Look no further than the Ice Blast. This freezing marvel turns water into a solid sheet of ice, creating new paths and freezing enemies in their tracks. Let it go and let victory come your way!

That concludes our gear and items guide for Pikmin 4. Remember, you’re not just rescuing Captain Olimar, but also creating a legendary gaming experience filled with laughter, strategy, and triumph. Grab your gear, rally your Pikmin, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

Pikmin 4 is available for the Switch. Get ready for a rescue mission like no other!