Pikmin 4 review – Nintendo’s strategy series evolves to near-perfection

Pikmin 4 review - Nintendo's strategy series evolves to near-perfection

Pikmin 4: A Review Worth Scouting!

Pikmin 4 overview trailer

Uncovering the Unseen

I’ve always been captivated by the Pikmin series’ enchanting setting – the idea that these little creatures exist just beyond our line of sight, hidden in our homes and gardens. It’s like a secret world that only those with an alien perspective can discover. And it’s precisely this unique perspective that makes playing Pikmin so rewarding.

Developer and Publisher

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo

Platform and Availability

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Availability: Out on July 21st for Nintendo Switch

A Series Overlooked

The Pikmin series has always been somewhat overlooked, despite its major releases, spin-offs, and even promotion by the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto himself. It has never quite reached the heights of popular titles like Splatoon or Luigi’s Mansion, let alone the juggernauts Mario and Zelda. Perhaps it’s due to the series’ oddball concept – a cute strategy game with hardcore resource and time management demands. Or maybe Nintendo hasn’t quite found the formula that resonates with a wider audience. But with Pikmin 4, it seems like Nintendo has pulled out all the stops.

A New Adventure Begins

Pikmin 4 serves as both a fantastic entry point for newcomers and a well-crafted continuation for longtime fans. The addition of Oatchi, the game’s new canine co-protagonist, initially left me unsure. But as I played the game, I was pleasantly surprised. The gameplay gently eases you into managing different Pikmin types and leaders while offering the flexibility to play with different strategies. You have the freedom to switch between characters, set markers for your leaders, or go solo with just your avatar. The game accommodates all play styles and preferences.

Pikmin 4 heads inside a human house

Rewarding Exploration

As you progress through Pikmin 4, you’ll uncover a wealth of abilities, upgrades, and new gameplay elements. From timed challenges and night-time missions to character upgrades and the return of caves, there’s always something exciting to experience. The game introduces each Pikmin type gradually, ensuring you have plenty of time to master their unique abilities. The addition of Ice Pikmin offers intriguing combat strategies, while Glow Pikmin add a ghostly twist to the game’s night missions.

Abundant Delights

Pikmin 4 keeps the momentum going by constantly introducing new features and enhancing the overall experience. From optional motion controls to modified sensitivity in assist mode, the game offers accessibility options for players of all preferences. The limit of three Pikmin types in your squad may raise eyebrows at first, but it ultimately adds more focus to each area while still allowing you access to all the game’s Pikmin varieties. And rest assured, Pikmin purists, this game has plenty to offer beyond the initial quest.

Pikmin 4 introduces new Pikmin types

A World Unveiled

Pikmin 4’s story unfolds in intriguing ways, and the game rewards your exploration with a rich backstory and satisfying connections to past Pikmin games. With a vibrant hub to manage resources, replayable challenge levels, and side missions to tackle, you’ll always have something to keep you engaged. The game’s visuals are stunning, especially when you find yourself commanding an army of Pikmin inside a human house or navigating the intricate environments.

A Game That Resonates

Pikmin 4 brings together all its elements in a harmonious symphony of gameplay. The game’s parts gradually intertwine, revealing surprises, tougher battles, and delightful rewards. The rewind feature adds an interesting dynamic, allowing you to recover from mistakes and explore even more. With its vast array of activities, treasures to collect, and places to explore, Pikmin 4 is a true gem. It’s a testament to the dedication of the fans and Nintendo’s commitment to evolving the series. Could this be the breakthrough Pikmin has been waiting for? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear – Pikmin 4 is undeniably one of Nintendo’s best games yet.

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