Pikmin 4: Teach Oatchi the Best Skills First

Pikmin 4: Teach Oatchi the Best Skills First

Fun and Interesting Guide to Oatchi’s Skills in Pikmin 4

As you dive into the wonderful world of Pikmin 4, you’ll quickly realize that Pikmin are not the only heroes here. Meet Oatchi, the adorable space pup and the player’s trusty sidekick in the Rescue Corps. He’s a helpful companion who can assist with resource gathering and fending off nasty creatures. Move over, Pikmin, Oatchi is here to steal the spotlight!

Now, let’s talk about Oatchi’s skills. As Oatchi’s Pup Drive increases, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock various skills for this little cutie. Remember, you won’t have enough Pup Drive at the beginning, so choose wisely. To make your decision-making process easier, here are some of the best skills you should unlock first.

Heal Lv.1 (3 Pup Drive)

Oatchi Healing

While it may cost a bit more, learning Heal for Oatchi is an absolute must. This skill allows him to recover health outside of battle. Think about it: a healthy Oatchi means less chance of him getting knocked out and having to retreat. Plus, he can heal himself without relying on those precious Scrummy Bones that require resources. So, get Oatchi to embrace his inner doctor and prioritize this skill!

Chomp Lv.2 (2 Pup Drive)

Oatchi Chomping

Sure, leveling up Oatchi’s Buff skill may be cheaper, but trust me, investing in Chomp is worth it. Oatchi is more than just a fetcher; he’s a fierce fighter! Some tasks are better suited for Oatchi rather than Pikmin, especially in the early stages of the game. Keep Oatchi close by your side at all times and make him the skilled warrior he was born to be. Who knew a space pup could pack such a punch?

Command Lv.2 (3 Pup Drive)

Oatchi Commanding

Picture this: you’re in a tough spot with a Pikmin shortage. What do you do? This is where Oatchi’s Command skill upgrade shines. Instead of trekking all the way back to base to retrieve Oatchi, you can now call him back to your location. This ability is a game-changer when it comes to heavy lifting situations. Oatchi will come to the rescue, saving you time and ensuring the mission continues smoothly.

With Oatchi by your side and these essential skills unlocked, Pikmin 4 will become an even more thrilling adventure. So, embrace the power of the lovable space pup and get ready for an unforgettable journey!

Pikmin 4 is available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. Get your game on and prepare for a canine-filled conquest!