Player creates super agile propeller aircraft in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Player creates super agile propeller aircraft in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom: Taking Flight in Hyrule

Tears of the Kingdom

A creative Tears of the Kingdom player has taken to the skies of Hyrule with their ingenious propeller-based aircraft. This latest addition to the Zelda series has enchanted fans with its freedom to explore and play their own way. And now, players have discovered the genius of using game items and mechanics to skip puzzles and build incredible contraptions.

The ultimate freedom in Tears of the Kingdom lies in the Fuse system, where players can unleash their creativity and design magnificent creations. While this ability has combat applications, it’s the potential for building vehicles and devices that has captured the imaginations of countless fans. Among the most notable designs are the unique flying machines that have taken flight in Hyrule.

Recently, Reddit user AnswerDeep8792 shared their latest creation – an epic jet turbine aircraft that will surely leave Link in awe. With two engines and propellers positioned on either side of a small fuselage, this craft offers unmatched maneuverability. Despite its unconventional appearance, AnswerDeep8792 insists that it controls better than any of their previous creations. And the attached video proves just that.

In the video, AnswerDeep8792 fearlessly takes their creation for a spin through the sky, effortlessly executing turns and even gliding close to the ground. Fellow Redditors couldn’t help but admire the craftsmanship and performance of this remarkable vehicle. Questions poured in, with many wondering how such a masterpiece was even possible. Thankfully, AnswerDeep8792 took the time to engage with the community, providing insights and tips for aspiring designers.

While this isn’t the first awe-inspiring flying craft to grace the skies of Hyrule, it certainly stands out as an exceptional example. Tears of the Kingdom’s Fuse ability has truly revolutionized the game, offering endless possibilities in and out of combat. And this extraordinary flying machine is just another testament to the game’s innovative mechanics.

So, whether you’re soaring above the clouds or embarking on epic quests, Tears of the Kingdom is a game that will leave you breathless. Don’t miss out on the adventure – it’s available now for Nintendo Switch.

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