Pokemon fan creates regional variant and new evolution for Smoochum

Pokemon fan creates regional variant and new evolution for Smoochum

The Fiery Evolution of Smoochum: A Blazing Concept Art

A Pokemon enthusiast has ignited the imaginations of trainers everywhere with their sizzling concept art for Smoochum, the baby Pokemon. This fiery creation introduces a regional variant and a separate evolution from Jynx, causing a ripple of excitement within the fan community.

A Kiss from the Past

Smoochum, known as the Kiss Pokemon, made its debut as an Ice and Psychic dual-type Pokemon in Pokemon Gold and Silver. This adorable little creature could only be obtained by breeding Jynx with another Pokemon, like Ditto. Eventually, it would evolve into Jynx. While Smoochum may not be the talk of the town, one Pokemon lover took it upon themselves to breathe new life into this overlooked gem.

A Fiery Twist

EliDwebster, a skilled artist and devoted Pokemon fan, unleashed a scorching regional variant for Smoochum on the r/pokemon subreddit. Their concept unveils a Fire and Psychic typing for this baby Pokemon, introducing a whole new evolution path. Instead of evolving into Jynx, this flaming Smoochum evolves into Smoocharm at level 30.

Unleashing the Firestorm

Drawing inspiration from volcanoes and lava, the Smoochum and Smoocharm concept art retains Jynx’s iconic blonde hair. However, this blazing duo boasts brown skin, an orange ensemble, and ravishing pink highlights. With a base stat total of 455, Smoocharm inherits Jynx’s power while excelling in special attack and HP. Alas, its defenses take a hit to maintain balance, making it a glass cannon in battles.

Fiery Passion: The Ultimate Heatwave

Our daring artist also gifted Smoocharm with a brand-new ability called Fiery Passion. Once its HP drops below 50%, this ability surges, enhancing Smoocharm’s special attack and special defense. As an added twist, it inflicts all Pokemon on the field with the fiery Burn status. Steel, Fighting, Poison, and even Ice-type Pokemon, including Jynx, would tremble in the face of this fierce evolution. However, trainers wielding Dark, Water, Rock, and Ground attacks will find themselves with a cooler advantage.

A Heated Debate

While many Redditors applauded the idea of a fresh regional variant and evolution for Smoochum, a few skeptics raised concerns about the potential overpowered nature of Fiery Passion. Will these scorching additions ever light up the Pokemon series? With rumors of new Pokemon news on the horizon, only time will tell if Smoochum and Jynx will make a flaming comeback.

Stay Tuned for More Pokemon Shenanigans

In the meantime, while we anticipate the future of Smoochum and Jynx, let’s continue to explore exciting possibilities within the vast Pokemon universe. Who knows what rare and electrifying combinations await us in upcoming generations? Let your imagination run wild!