Pokemon fan robbed, loses childhood games

Pokemon fan robbed, loses childhood games

The Great Pokemon Game Robbery

An unfortunate incident occurred during a Pokemon fan’s trip to Barcelona – he was robbed! And what did those heartless thieves take? None other than his beloved childhood Pokemon games! You know, those rare and expensive ones that are a pain to find nowadays. Talk about a real-life Team Rocket!

Picture this: Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, Pokemon Crystal, and Pokemon FireRed, all gone in the blink of an eye. These gems are highly sought after by collectors, with prices soaring to mind-boggling heights. A mint condition, unopened copy of the original Pokemon Red and Blue can set you back a whopping $2500! And the nostalgia doesn’t stop there, oh no. Graded copies of Pokemon Gold & Silver can cost up to $1600, Pokemon Crystal demands as much as $3800, and sealed grade-10 copies of Pokemon FireRed can be as expensive as $4500. That’s enough to make anyone cry like a Magikarp!

But it’s not just our unlucky traveler who’s experienced this Pokemon tragedy. Reddit is filled with stories of woe, like the time when Nina3491’s younger cousin had all their Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games stolen at an airport. Or when Thatkentuckydaddy left his Gameboy Advance with all his classic Pokemon games on a bus in Miami. It seems like there’s a conspiracy against Pokemon trainers and their cherished memories!

However, amidst the heartache, there’s a silver lining. The sympathetic responses from fellow gamers have poured in, offering solace and commiseration. It’s a reminder to all gamers out there to never carry their entire game collection while traveling, unless they want their dreams shattered like a Pokeball hitting a Wailord’s belly.

But fear not, trainers! There may still be hope on the horizon. Nintendo could potentially release these classic Pokemon games on the Switch, reigniting the flames of nostalgia for a whole new generation. Just imagine revisiting the Johto or Kanto regions with updated graphics and features! The Nintendo Switch Online service has already given us a taste of Pokemon goodness with games like Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Snap, and Pokemon Puzzle League. And if Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, a game originally on the 3DS, can get a remake on the Switch, surely the Pokemon DS classics can too!

So, let’s keep our Pikachu tails wagging and our Pokeballs at the ready. Though our fellow trainer, DiegotheEcuadorian, may have suffered a devastating loss, his story serves as a cautionary tale and a reminder of the incredible value we place on these digital adventures. It’s not just about the price tags, but the memories and emotions these games bring us – the joy of catching our first Pokemon, the excitement of battling friends, and the sense of accomplishment from becoming a Pokemon Champion. Let’s keep gaming, my fellow Pokemon enthusiasts, and remember to always keep our treasures safe from those dastardly Team Rocket wannabes!