Best Decidueye Moveset in Pokemon GO, Explained

Having knowledge on the effective utilization of Decidueye or how to effectively counter it during battles is essential for your Pokemon GO adventures.

Pokémon GO Decidueye’s Best Moveset, Weaknesses & Countering Strategies


Pokemon GO has seen a surge in Decidueye acquisitions after the introduction of 4-star Dartrix Raids in January 2023. Many trainers are now considering using Decidueye as a Gym defender or for PvP battles, depending on its CP level. And rightly so, because Decidueye has great competitive potential with its solid battle rating, thanks to its Grass and Ghost Dual-Type and the range of moves it can learn.

If you’re planning to include Decidueye in your team, it’s essential to know the best moveset for competitive PvP battles, as well as its weaknesses and most significant counters. This knowledge will help you get the most value out of Decidueye in battle and optimize your team composition for weaknesses and type coverage.

Best Decidueye Moveset

To maximize the potential of your Decidueye, the best moveset consists of: – Fast Move: Leafage – Charged Move: Frenzy Plant

To obtain this moveset, you’ll need an Elite Charge TM to teach Decidueye Frenzy Plant. If you don’t have an Elite Charge TM, don’t worry! There are other solid secondary choices available, including: – Leafage + Spirit Shackle – Leafage + Brave Bird – Magical Leaf + Spirit Shackle

With Sunny or Fog weather, these movesets become even more potent, increasing the damage output of Decidueye.

Secondary Decidueye Moveset Options

  • Fast Move: Leafage

  • Charged Move: Spirit Shackle

  • Fast Move: Leafage

  • Charged Move: Brave Bird

  • Fast Move: Magical Leaf

  • Charged Move: Spirit Shackle

Now that you know the best movesets for Decidueye, let’s explore its weaknesses and the best counters to use in Pokemon GO battles.

Decidueye Weaknesses & Best Counters in Pokemon Go, Explained

Decidueye in a ring

If you’re keeping Decidueye on your Pokemon GO team, it’s crucial to be aware of its weaknesses and the best counters to prepare your team accordingly. Understanding these weaknesses will help you strategize and consider type coverage to compensate for Decidueye’s vulnerabilities.

Decidueye is a Grass and Ghost Dual-Type, making it weak against Fire, Dark, Flying, Ghost, and Ice-type Pokemon and moves. These types will deal 160% of their base power as damage against Decidueye. Knowing this information is valuable in recognizing when Decidueye is at risk during battle, allowing you to switch or apply counterplay.

Below are the best counters for Decidueye and their recommended movesets:

Mega Rayquaza

  • Fast Move: Air Slash
  • Charged Move: Dragon Ascent


  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charged Move: Fly

Galarian Darmanitan

  • Fast Move: Ice Fang
  • Charged Move: Avalanche

Maga Charizard Y

  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charged Move: Blast Burn

Mega Gengar

  • Fast Move: Lick
  • Charged Move: Shadow Ball

Mega Blaziken

  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charged Move: Blast Burn

Mega Tyranitar

  • Fast Move: Bite
  • Charged Move: Brutal Swing


  • Fast Move: Fire Fang
  • Charged Move: Fusion Fire


  • Fast Move: Air Slash
  • Charged Move: Dragon Ascent


  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charged Move: Shadow Ball

Shadow Moltres

  • Fast Move: Fire Spin
  • Charged Move: Sky Attack


  • Fast Move: Fire Fang
  • Charged Move: Overheat

While these Pokemon are the top counters due to their base stats and moves, any Pokemon with a type that Decidueye is weak against will be effective in dealing significant damage. However, not as quickly as the options listed above. In sunny weather, Fire-type counters are the best decision, as it boosts Decidueye’s power and benefits any Fire-type Pokemon. In foggy weather, Ghost or Dark-types excel, as their moves are more powerful.

Now armed with this knowledge, you can strategically handle Decidueye in Pokemon GO battles and build a well-rounded team.

Additional Topics

Q: What other Pokemon can benefit from sunny weather in battle? A: Apart from Decidueye, Fire-type Pokemon thrive in sunny weather. Their moves become more potent, giving them an edge in battles.

Q: Are there any specific strategies that can be used while battling with Decidueye? A: Yes! Decidueye has a unique typing that allows it to capitalize on its opponent’s weaknesses. By knowing your opponent’s Pokemon and exploiting their vulnerabilities, you can gain a significant advantage in battles.

Q: Can Decidueye be used effectively as a Gym defender? A: Decidueye’s strengths lie more in PvP battles rather than being a defensive option for Gyms. However, with the right moveset and strategic play, it can still hold its own as a Gym defender.

Now that you’re equipped with valuable information about Decidueye, its movesets, weaknesses, and counters, go forth and conquer in Pokemon GO battles! Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, and let us know your favorite Pokemon battle strategies in the comments below!


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