Pokemon GO: Route Badges – How to Obtain

Pokemon GO: Route Badges - How to Obtain

Pokemon GO Routes: Exploring the Fun of Exploration and Collaboration

Even after years of release, Pokemon GO continues to captivate players with its latest feature, Routes. This in-game system is designed to bring back the joy of exploration and community collaboration. And let me tell you, trainers are absolutely loving it! Sure, there may be a few skeptics out there, but overall, Routes has injected a new level of excitement into the game.

Mapping Your Path, Sharing the Adventure

Pokemon GO Routes allows players to map out their gameplay paths and share them with the fan community. It’s like being an artistic cartographer of virtual worlds! Not only can trainers create their own unique Routes, but they can also join and follow the Routes of others. The possibilities are endless, and it has brought about a sense of camaraderie among players. Who knows, you might even make some new friends along the way!

Introducing Route Badges: The Ultimate Souvenir

Routes feature

One of the exciting elements of Pokemon GO Routes is the introduction of Route Badges. Now, completing a Route isn’t just a personal achievement; it comes with a cool reward! When you successfully conquer a Route, you’ll be rewarded with a custom picture from either the start or end point, serving as a great memento of your journey. Additionally, you’ll earn a Route Badge specific to that Route. These Badges are a symbol of your triumph and add a touch of personalization to your profile.

The Journey to Badge Greatness

Completing Routes

Route Badges follow the concept of Gym Badges in Pokemon GO. Each Route Badge is tied to a specific Route and the number of times you complete it. There are four levels of Route Badges to strive for: Plain Badge, Bronze Badge, Silver Badge, and Gold Badge. Completing a Route once earns you a Plain Badge, while achieving the feat five times upgrades you to a shiny Bronze Badge. Keep pushing through and hit the milestone of 20 completions to unlock the illustrious Silver Badge. Finally, the crown jewel of Route Badges, the Gold Badge, awaits those who conquer the same Route 100 times. It’s a true badge of honor and an impressive addition to your collection.

Embark on the Road to Route Badges

To get your hands on these shiny Route Badges, all you need to do is join a Route and complete it. Routes can either have an endpoint or be mapped as a looped path. Once you reach the end or successfully navigate the entire loop, congratulations! You’ve earned yourself a coveted Route Badge. It’s as simple as that. Right now, completing Routes is the only known method of obtaining these badges.

More Than Just a Badge

But wait, there’s more! Completing a Route not only rewards you with a Route Badge, but it also comes with a bundle of additional perks. Along your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to earn Buddy Hearts, Candy, bonus Pokemon GO XP, and more. Plus, while exploring Routes, keep your eyes peeled for Zygarde cells. Collect enough of them, and you’ll unlock the Complete Forme of this powerful Pocket Monster. Talk about an epic adventure!

So, fellow trainers, unleash your inner explorer and dive into the wonderful world of Pokemon GO Routes. Discover new paths, connect with fellow players, and earn those glorious Route Badges. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with camaraderie and epic rewards!

Pokemon GO is available to play on Android and iOS devices. Happy exploring!

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