How to Successfully Nuzlocke Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Useful Tips for Successfully Completing a Nuzlocke Run in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for Those Seeking an Extra Challenge

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet 5 Nuzlocke Tips

A Pokemon Nuzlocke is a popular way for fans to play the main series games, adding an extra layer of challenge and randomness to the experience. The rules are simple: players can only catch the first Pokemon they encounter on each route, and if a Pokemon faints in battle, it can no longer be used. With the unique features of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, playing a Nuzlocke in these games can be quite difficult. But fear not, trainers! We have some valuable tips to help you conquer the challenge while still having fun.

🌿 Pick The Right Starter 🌿

As every Pokemon adventure begins, players are asked to choose between a grass-type, water-type, and fire-type starter. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the grass Pokemon Sprigatito is the ideal choice for a Nuzlocke. While the fire-type Fuecoco and water-type Quaxly have their merits, they can easily be found in the early routes of the game. Sprigatito, on the other hand, fills the gap for grass-types in the region, making it a valuable addition to your team.

Paldea Pokemon Starter Trio Scarlet and Violet

🌱 Know How To Choose Wild Pokemon 🌱

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced over-world sprites for wild Pokemon encounters, adding a new level of strategy and challenge. Unlike previous games, where encountering Pokemon in tall grass was a surprise, these over-world sprites make it easier to choose which Pokemon to catch. In a Nuzlocke, it’s important to establish a method of randomly encountering new Pokemon. Whether you walk in a straight line until a new Pokemon interrupts your path or stand in one spot and wait, the key is to establish the method before starting your Nuzlocke.

Pokemon Overworld Sprites Scarlet and Violet

❄️ Pick The Gym Order Carefully ❄️

Unlike previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow players to challenge the gyms in any order. Some gyms may be easier than others based on the Pokemon types they specialize in, and this can impact your Nuzlocke strategy. For example, the ice-type gym led by Grusha is considered the hardest gym battle in the game. However, if you have strong fire-type Pokemon, it might be easier to challenge this gym earlier than normal. Consider learning the types used by each gym leader and their levels before deciding which gyms to challenge. It may sound limiting, but a Nuzlocke challenge offers a great deal of freedom when approached strategically.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leader Grusha

⭐ Learn Types Of Team Star And Pokemon Titans ⚡

In addition to the regular gym challenge, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet feature two new questlines involving Team Star and powerful Titan Pokemon. These quests have different formats and don’t reward experience to your Pokemon for winning. Team Star fights involve over-world battles followed by a battle against a solo type leader. Titan Pokemon fights start with a solo battle but then turn into a double battle with an ally. These new formats can pose a challenge for a Nuzlocke, but they are necessary to progress in the game. To minimize casualties, learn about the upcoming fights in advance. It’s also helpful to include a rule that Pokemon who faint in over-world encounters don’t count as dead.

Pokemon Team Star

🌍 Understand That Paldea Is Huge 🌍

One of the advantages of playing a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the vastness of the Paldea region. The only way to fail a Nuzlocke is to run out of usable Pokemon during battles, including those in your team and the PC. Thankfully, Paldea offers numerous opportunities to catch new Pokemon, and they level up quickly thanks to the experience share feature. This means you’ll have plenty of safety nets and replacements in case of losses during your Nuzlocke journey. Embrace the size of the region and take advantage of the multitude of encounters it provides.

Pokemon Paldea Region

Additional Q&A

Q: Are there any recommended resources or communities for Nuzlocke players? A: Absolutely! You can join online communities or forums dedicated to Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges. They offer valuable tips and support from fellow trainers who have embarked on their own Nuzlocke adventures. Here are some resources to get you started: – Nuzlocke Forumsr/Nuzlocke

Q: Can I use healing items in a Nuzlocke challenge? A: Yes, healing items are typically allowed in a Nuzlocke. While the rules focus on catching and losing Pokemon, the use of healing items can help you keep your team alive during tough battles. However, some players may choose to implement additional restrictions, such as limiting healing items to a certain number per battle or only using them outside of battles.

Q: Can I trade Pokemon with other players during a Nuzlocke challenge? A: Trading Pokemon with other players is generally not allowed in a Nuzlocke challenge, as it goes against the idea of capturing the first encountered Pokemon on each route. The challenge is meant to be a solo adventure with the Pokemon you encounter in your game. However, you can always create your own rules and adaptations to make the challenge more tailored to your preferences.


Playing a Nuzlocke in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be a thrilling and challenging experience. By choosing the right starter, knowing how to encounter wild Pokemon, strategically picking the gym order, understanding the new questlines, and embracing the vastness of the Paldea region, you can increase your chances of success. Remember, a Nuzlocke is not just about winning, but also about the journey and bonds you form with your Pokemon along the way. So get out there, trainers, and embark on your Nuzlocke adventure in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

Don’t forget to share your Nuzlocke stories and achievements on social media using the hashtag #NuzlockeChallenge! Let your friends and fellow trainers join in on the excitement.



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