Pokemon Sleep: Boosting Pokemon Happiness

Pokemon Sleep: Boosting Pokemon Happiness

Pokemon Sleep: Keeping Your Pokemon Happy and Energized


In the world of Pokemon Sleep, your goal is to take care of your beloved Pokemon by ensuring they get a good night’s rest. To make the most out of the game and keep your Pokemon partners happy, it’s essential to boost their energy levels.

If you want to check how your Pokemon are feeling, simply look in your Pokemon Box or your Active Helper Team, and you’ll find a little bar indicating their mood. Keeping your Pokemon happy and energized is crucial as it allows them to gather valuable ingredients for your Snorlax and make them stronger.

Sleeping: Recharge, Relax, and Raise Mood


Just like you, your Pokemon get tired after a long day of gathering berries and ingredients. To raise their mood, they need to recharge their energy through a good night’s sleep. The better you sleep, the happier your Pokemon become. To begin a sleep session, simply click Start Tracking Sleep on the homepage.

Energy Pillow: Boosting Energy Levels


If you’re short on time and can’t take a nap, don’t worry! You can use an Energy Pillow to quickly increase your Pokemon’s energy level. This handy item is for single use only, but it restores 50 points of energy and mood. You can either purchase Energy Pillows at the General Store or earn them as rewards.

Charge Energy Skill: Power Up Your Pokemon’s Mood


Throughout the game, certain Pokemon have a special skill called Charge Energy Skill, which can improve their own energy and mood. These Pokemon make excellent additions to your Active Helper Team. The Charge Energy Skill restores 12 energy points to your Pokemon helper, helping to boost their happiness.

Here are some Pokemon with the Charge Energy Skill:

Pokemon With The Charge Energy Skill

Remember, by following these tips, you can keep your Pokemon partners happy and full of energy, ensuring a satisfying experience in the world of Pokemon Sleep!

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