Pokémon Sleep exploit allows players to fake weeks of sleep for Pokémon Go rewards.

Pokémon Sleep exploit allows players to fake weeks of sleep for Pokémon Go rewards.

Gaming News: Pokémon Sleep Players Resort to Creative Sleep Tactics for Rewards

Pokémon Sleep

Hey gamers, we’ve got some hilarious news from the Pokémon world! Players of Pokémon Sleep are going to extreme measures to speed up their progress and unlock the epic Nightcap Snorlax in Pokémon Go. And by extreme measures, I mean pretending to sleep – cheeky, right?

Here’s the deal: the new Pokémon Sleep app requires players to record at least 90 minutes of sleep per day to earn rewards. Well, some crafty players have discovered a sneaky trick. They record their 90 minutes of shut-eye, manually change the date on their phones, and record another 90 minutes. Rinse and repeat, baby! This way, they can accumulate a week’s worth of sleep rewards in just a few hours. It’s like sleep hacking on steroids!

But hold on, gamers, I can hear you asking, “Why all this trouble for a Snorlax in a costume?” Well, my friends, this is no ordinary Snorlax we’re talking about. This exclusive Nightcap Snorlax is available only to those who complete the Pokémon Go Plus+ exclusive questline. And guess what? Completing the questline for one week unlocks the Nightcap Snorlax, but those who rush ahead can find four more waiting at the end of successive weeks. It’s like a Snorlax evolution of sleep tactics!

But wait, there’s more! Not only is this Nightcap Snorlax super exclusive, but there’s also a chance to get it in its ultra-rare Shiny version. Shiny Pokémon are like diamonds in the rough, with odds of encountering one typically sitting at a measly 1 in 520. We can only imagine how rare the Shiny Nightcap Snorlax is. So elusive, in fact, that no one has claimed to have caught one yet. Will you be the lucky one?

Now, before you all dive headfirst into this sneaky sleep strategy, let me remind you of the bigger picture. Pokémon Sleep was designed with the noble intention of encouraging you to get a good night’s sleep and stay healthy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling refreshed before engaging in Pokémon battles? So, while it’s tempting to cheat the system for a quick reward, remember that the recommended amount of sleep per night is a solid seven hours. You don’t want to end up tossing and turning like a confused Magikarp!

Keep in mind, fellow trainers, that patience is a virtue. The fantastic Nightcap Snorlax will still be waiting for you in a few weeks if you don’t mind having a healthy slumber in the meantime. So, rest up, recharge those Pokémon-catching energies, and get ready to embark on a sleep adventure like no other.

That’s it for now, gamers! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates. And remember, a well-rested trainer is a formidable trainer.