Pokemon Sleep: How to Boost Snorlax’s Power

Pokemon Sleep: How to Boost Snorlax's Power

Pokemon Sleep: Catching Z’s with Snorlax

Pokemon Sleep has finally arrived, and like a swarm of Jigglypuffs, fans are drawn to its unique approach to gaming. With Niantic’s touch, this game could easily become the sleeper hit of the year. And of course, every Pokemon game needs a lovable mascot, which is why Snorlax was an absolutely perfect choice for Pokemon Sleep.

Remember those good old days when Snorlax would block the path to your next adventure? Well, in Pokemon Sleep, this massive sleeping giant plays a crucial role, and it’s up to you to take care of it. After all, a well-rested Snorlax is a strong Snorlax.

Raising Snorlax: The Dream Team

Every week, you’ll be given a Snorlax to nurture and raise its strength. When you sleep, other Pokemon will be lured in and fall asleep near your Snorlax. The more powerful your Snorlax becomes, the more Pokemon it attracts. It’s essential to raise Snorlax properly and ensure it reaches its full potential.

Snorlax and its Drowsy Power

To make Snorlax grow stronger at a rapid pace, feed it its favorite berries and dishes. Each Snorlax has specific preferences, so give it what it wants and witness its strength skyrocket.

Snorlax’s Favorite Berries

You can prepare dishes for Snorlax three times a day during specific time slots:

  • Morning: 06:00 to 12:00
  • Afternoon: 12:00 to 18:00
  • Night: 18:00 to 06:00

At first, you can only Auto Cook, but as you progress, you’ll unlock manual cooking. Manual cooking allows you to select the ingredients that Snorlax will enjoy the most, resulting in substantial strength gains. Trust us, manual cooking beats auto cooking any day when it comes to raising Snorlax.

Choose Your AssGameTopicer: The Power of Helper Pokemon

If you want to supercharge Snorlax’s strength, choose the right helper Pokemon. They will gather the best berries and possess skills like Charge Strength. The type of berries a helper Pokemon collects depends on its stats. Take Pikachu, for example, whose talent lies in picking Grepa berries—Snorlax’s absolute favorite. Feeding Snorlax a Grepa berry will give its strength an extra boost.

Helper Pokemon in Action

When selecting helper Pokemon, consider their Main Skill and Sub Skills. For instance, activating Pikachu’s main skill bestows an immediate 400-point strength increase upon Snorlax. Additionally, a Pokemon’s nature can affect its usefulness. Pikachu, for all its jolliness, has increased EXP gains but reduced ingredient-finding abilities. It’s not a bad nature, but natures like Sassy can increase the chances of triggering the main skill.

And there you have it! Pokemon Sleep is now available on iOS and Android. Get ready to embark on a delightful dream journey with Snorlax by your side.

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