PS5 Pro console leak reveals release plans and more.

PS5 Pro console leak reveals release plans and more.

The PlayStation 5, Takeshi Kando’s Ultimate Masterpiece Update!

A Pro Evolution Coming Soon?

Hold onto your game controllers, folks! Word on the gaming streets is that Sony might be gearing up to release a Pro version of their mighty PlayStation 5 console! Talk about leveling up! You know how last generation we got those cool mid-gen upgrades, like the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X? Well, it seems like Sony might be following suit with the PS5 Pro. Sorry, Xbox fans – no news of an upgrade for you…yet.

Rumor Has It…

Now, before you get too excited, it’s important to remember that this juicy news is just a rumor for now. We’ve heard whispers about a slim version of the PS5, which is still MIA. But hey, why settle for slim when you can aim for Pro, right? So, for all you holdouts out there, it could be worth waiting a bit longer to see if Sony unveils the PlayStation 5 Pro instead.

Project Trinity: The Future is the Game!

According to the legendary insiders at Key to Gaming, the PS5 Pro is codenamed “Trinity” and it’s already making waves behind closed doors. Developers are being treated to demos, with the sleek dev kits being sent out by late November 2023. This shiny new console is rumored to pack a whopping 30 WGP and 18000mts memory muscle, promising consistent FPS in glorious 4K resolution. And if that’s not enough, it might just blow our minds with its 8K display capabilities. Get ready to have your gaming world rocked!

PlayStation 5

Keep Your Salt Shaker Handy

Now, before you set your calendar for November 2024, let’s remember that rumors can be as unpredictable as a gamer’s rage. While it’s totally possible that Sony is planning this epic upgrade, plans can change faster than a cheat code. However, it’s worth noting that Sony has a history of unleashing new console versions with every generation. So, if we were betting on it, we’d say it’s more likely that a new PS5 will grace our living rooms sooner or later. Fingers crossed!

To Buy or not to Buy

Now, déjà vu alert – we’ve already got two PS5 models around. One is the mighty $499.99 version with a disc drive, and the other is a more budget-friendly option priced at $399.99 without a disc drive. But wait! There are even rumors of a detachable disc drive edition on the horizon. So, for all you impatient gamers itching to play Spider-Man 2 and other future PS5 exclusives, it might be time to forge ahead and join Team PlayStation. The gaming galaxy awaits!

Source: Key to Gaming