Ranking the 10 Scariest Hollows in Bleach

Ranking the 10 Scariest Hollows in Bleach

The (Terrifying) Most Terrifying Hollows in Bleach

In the enthralling world of Bleach, Hollows rule as wicked and frightening monsters that haunt both the living and the afterlife. Among these spirits, several Hollows stand out as the most terrifying and formidable foes. Their monstrous features, sinister talents, and voracious appetite for souls inspire intense fear and despair.

Grand Fisher

1. Grand Fisher

First up, we have the notorious Grand Fisher. This monstrous Hollow is known for his terrifying appearance, with a hideous, fish-like mask that hides his true form. Grand Fisher preys on unwary humans, luring them into his trap with the guise of a lost loved one. The anxiety of coming into contact with this malicious spirit, infamous for taking lives and bringing enormous misery, adds to every meeting. Grand Fisher’s manipulative demeanor, along with his constant pursuit of souls, make him a genuinely compelling opponent, leaving an indelible impression on both characters and spectators.

2. Baraggan Louisenbairn

Baraggan Louisenbairn

Our second entry is Baraggan Louisenbairn, the Segunda Espada. Baraggan personifies death and decay, wielding the power to control time and turn everything around him into dust and bones. His monstrous look, skeletal features, and towering presence inspire awe. With a haughty and vicious character, Baraggan exudes sheer menace. His very existence, with an aura of inevitability, warns his opponents of the unavoidable fate that awaits all sentient beings. The power of Baraggan Louisenbairn makes him an unforgettable foe.

3. Zommari Rureaux

Zommari Rureaux

Next on our list is Zommari Rureaux, an Espada who radiates a disturbing and ominous presence. Zommari possesses the power to manipulate other people’s bodies through his “Amor” skill, making him a particularly devious foe. His emotionless and frigid personality contributes to his eerie countenance. The terror of losing control over one’s own body becomes apparent as he compels his victims to turn against their own comrades. With his perverse pleasure in overpowering others and his cruel methods, Zommari Rureaux solidifies his position as a deadly foe in the Bleach universe.

4. Szayelaporro Granz

Szayelaporro Granz

Szayelaporro Granz, an Espada, is an extremely frightening Hollow. He revels in tormenting his opponents with his calculating and malicious personality, as well as his special powers. Szayelaporro is a master manipulator who enjoys inflicting pain on others. His ability to manipulate others’ motions and use them as puppets in his diabolical games makes him a scary and unpredictable enemy. With his ugly and unearthly appearance, cunning, and ruthlessness, Szayelaporro strikes terror and anxiety in anyone who comes into contact with him. In the world of Bleach, he is an unforgettable enemy.

5. Nnoitra Gilga

Nnoitra Gilga

Enter Nnoitra Gilga, one of the Espada and a particularly terrifying and sadistic Hollow. His towering, six-armed figure instills terror and intimidation in his opponents. Nnoitra’s insatiable appetite for combat and his deep-seated hatred towards his foes make him someone not to be taken lightly. His ruthless and deadly fighting style, along with his haughty and savage demeanor, contribute to his unnerving presence. Nnoitra revels in the misery and suffering of others, making him a powerful and crafty Hollow. If you encounter him, be prepared for an opponent that should be rightfully feared.

6. Ayon


Ayon, the monster Hollow generated by the union of numerous creatures in Bleach, is a terrible force to be reckoned with. Its ugly appearance, towering stature, and primal roars elicit dread. Both the characters and the spectators are terrified by Ayon’s massive size and unrelenting pursuit of its prey. Ayon’s sheer power and ferocity as a relentless and destructive creature strike horror in the hearts of all who encounter it. Ayon’s visage serves as a chilling reminder of the terrible evils that lurk in the Hollow world, making it one of the most intimidating and terrifying antagonists in the Bleach series.

7. Wonderweiss Margela

Wonderweiss Margela

Wonderweiss Margela, the enigmatic Hollow, emits a disturbing and haunting presence. Despite his innocent demeanor, Wonderweiss possesses enormous destructive strength, making him a highly deadly and terrifying foe. His lack of voice and expression, coupled with his erratic behavior, adds to his eerie atmosphere. Wonderweiss’ seemingly innocent attitude magnifies his malevolence, making him the ideal weapon for destruction. With his capacity to launch powerful attacks without notice, Wonderweiss Margela is undoubtedly one of the scariest monsters in the Bleach universe, serving as a terrifying reminder of the perils hiding in the Hollow world.

8. Metastacia


Metastacia, the shape-shifting Hollow, takes on a new level of terror in the world of Bleach. With its ability to imitate and absorb its victims, Metastacia becomes an embodiment of deception and malevolence. Its spooky countenance and ever-changing appearance create a sense of unease and uncertainty. The fear of being fooled and consumed adds a nasty depth to any encounter, as Metastacia preys on the naïve. Metastacia’s presence conjures a sense of impending catastrophe, serving as a haunting reminder of the Hollows’ dark and unpredictable nature. Its capacity to exploit its opponent’s vulnerabilities makes it a terrifying and formidable enemy throughout the series.

9. Shrieker


Shrieker is a wicked Hollow that terrorizes both the characters and the audience. With its ghostly appearance, ragged robe, and horrific mask, Shrieker reflects the essence of a spirit seeking vengeance. Its haunting wails send shivers down the spine, creating a tense and uneasy environment. Shrieker’s malevolence serves as a disturbing reminder of the horror that lurks in the spirit world. As a highly unsettling and memorable foe in the Bleach universe, Shrieker’s tireless pursuit of revenge and the strange aura it creates keeps both players and viewers on edge.

10. Menos Grande

Menos Grande

Last but certainly not least, the Menos Grande are truly terrible and awe-inspiring monsters. These gigantic and hideous Hollows, towering above everything in their path, exemplify sheer terror and ruin. Their horrific appearance, hollowed-out masks, and soulless eyes conjure up images of unearthly horror. Their bloodcurdling roars echo with an impending sense of doom, heralding the arrival of a formidable and overwhelming threat. The mere threat of being consumed by these monstrous beasts heightens the excitement and urgency of any battle. The Menos Grande’s massive stature, haunting presence, and tireless quest for souls make them a truly unforgettable and terrifying aspect of Bleach.

So there you have it, the top ten most terrifying Hollows in Bleach. These menacing creatures serve as both formidable opponents and captivating characters, leaving a spine-tingling and unforgettable imprint on the hearts of Bleach viewers. Remember, in the world of Bleach, danger lurks beyond every corner, and these Hollows represent the very essence of fear and despair.

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