Rare find in store has Overwatch 2 fans reminiscing about loot boxes

Rare find in store has Overwatch 2 fans reminiscing about loot boxes

Overwatch 2: The Sequel That’s got Players Feeling Nostalgic

Overwatch 2

The launch of Overwatch 2 saw a whirlwind of changes in the beloved team-based shooter. But one lucky adventurer stumbled upon a hidden treasure at Target, taking players on a trip down memory lane. New heroes, maps, and cosmetics have flooded Overwatch 2, but not every new feature has been a hit with fans.

From the Ashes of Free-to-Play

Overwatch 2

When Overwatch 2 went free-to-play, it shook the very foundations of the game. The floodgates opened, welcoming an army of new players, with over 25 million heroes joining the ranks in the first few weeks. But like any hero’s journey, there were sacrifices along the way.

The Loot Box Blues

Loot Box

Remember the thrill of opening a loot box and praying for that legendary skin? Well, Overwatch 2 bid adieu to the randomness and embraced a new shop system. Out went the loot boxes and in came the Overwatch Coins. Now players can strut their stuff by purchasing cosmetic bundles from the ever-changing shop section. But the nostalgia bug has bitten the community hard.

The Mysterious Gift Card

Gift Card

Our tale takes a twist when veteran player Cherry_Cheesecake123 shared a remarkable find on Reddit. A gift card for the original game, decked out with loot box imagery, resurfaced memories of a bygone era. Though Blizzard gift cards still exist, this treasure harkens back to a time when chance and cosmetics intertwined.

Controversy Erupts

With PvE features cast aside, a flurry of bugs, and servers playing hide-and-seek, Overwatch 2’s sequel journey has hit some bumps. But the most heated debate centers around the shop system. Steep prices for cosmetic bundles and a lack of coin-earning options have left many players feeling frustrated. Who would’ve thought they’d miss the unpredictable magic of loot boxes?

The Skins We Hunger For


In a community brimming with avid collectors, the inability to earn skins freely has left a void. The allure of loot boxes was the chance to earn coveted items through gameplay, with the option to splurge if desired. Overwatch 2 falls short in comparison, leaving players yearning for more ways to acquire their favorite looks without breaking the bank.

So, as Overwatch 2 ventures into early access on various platforms, the sequel has ignited a whirlwind of emotions. Nostalgia for the loot box era, frustrations with the shop system, and a desire to earn skins through gameplay all swirl together. Will Blizzard listen to the community’s pleas? Only time will tell.

Overwatch 2 is available in early access on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.