Remnant 2: Archetypes Explained

Remnant 2: Archetypes Explained

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“The dimensions the crystal in Remnant 2 drags you into are incredibly dangerous places. There are a lot of exotic and strange creatures wandering around these foreGameTopic and bizarre locales and all of them want to take a bit meaty chunk out of your hide if they’re given the chance.”

“In the midst of these perilous environments, fear not! You have the power to choose your fate with the incredible class system known as Archetypes. These unique, powerful, and downright useful builds allow you to unleash your true potential and dominate both solo play or co-op adventures. So, let’s dive into the world of Archetypes in Remnant 2 and explore their awesomeness!”

What Are Archetypes?


“Welcome, newcomers! Archetypes are essentially the classes you choose for your thrilling journey through the game. With a grand total of ten to choose from, you can create up to five new characters at once, giving you a nice collection of scavengers for any occasion, if you’re feeling daring enough.”

“Each Archetype brings its own set of perks, powers, and starting gear. For example, the Medic starts off with a hefty machine gun, the Hunter gets a bolt-action rifle, and the Gunslinger gets a surprisingly solid six-shooter. And don’t worry, you can collect and buy even more exciting weapons as your adventure unfolds!”

How To Change Your Archetype

Change Archetype

“Ready for a change? It’s incredibly easy to choose a different Archetype in Remnant 2. Once you’ve cleared the Tutorial and intro sequence, head straight to the Hub and have a chat with Ford.”

“After exhausting all his dialogue, Ford will direct you to Wally, the quirky character you can find near the water by the crane. Wally will be more than happy to give you your very first Archetype, or as he likes to call it, a ‘Path’.”

“Unlocking additional Archetypes can be a secret adventure in itself. Some can be discovered through mysterious methods in certain worlds, while others can be unlocked by chatting with NPCs like Mudtooth or splurging on special items from the vendors in the Hub.”

“But wait, there’s more! You can also give your character a fresh start by purchasing an Orb Of Undoing from Wally. This nifty item allows you to reset your character’s progress, giving you the freedom to switch out your Archetype at any time from the Archetype Menu as you unlock new ones.”

The Archetypes


“As mentioned earlier, there are ten glorious Archetypes in Remnant 2. While you can select from the main four options (or five if you pre-ordered to get the Gunslinger), some of them are hidden away and require a keen eye to find.”

“Each Archetype brings a unique set of abilities and powers to the table, but subjective preferences may sway your choice. Some argue that certain Archetypes have better abilities than others. Nevertheless, here’s a brief rundown of each one to help you make the best decision for your play style.”


Alchemist “The Alchemist is an elemental tinkering Archetype, specializing in boosting stats, and buffing their bros with various vapor clouds. They excel as a support Archetype and offer a lot of versatility in group situations. To unlock this hidden gem, you must have a run-in with a sewer monster in Losomn. Prepare for some righteous buffs!”


Engineer “Turret-tossing and heavy weapon expertise are what the Engineer archetype is all about. Unlockable by finding N’Erud at the Eon Vault in the fog, this absolute god of destruction excels in confined spaces. With the ability to Overlock themselves, granting infinite ammo and enhancing fire rate, the Engineer is quite the beast to have on your side. Plus, they can deploy Vulcan, Flamethrower, and Impact Cannon Turrets, perfect for holding chokepoints or adding firepower to the team.”


Summoner “Minion lovers, rejoice! The Summoner Archetype allows you to toss out a horde of distracting minions to wreak havoc. By picking up the Faded Grimoir at the Bloodmoon Altar in Yaesha and giving it to Wally, you can unlock this hidden treasure. With powerful buffs to team hit points, life-steal, and healing auras, the Summoner thrives in a group setting, creating chaos and providing valuable support.”


Invader “Prepare to be invaded! Unlocking this secretive Archetype requires going on a side quest and taking down a special boss. The extra steps are worth it, as the Invader is an absolute powerhouse of damage. They specialize in creating decoys, exploiting perfect dodges, and using a teleport skill to phase into battle, all while dishing out a whopping 300% damage. With their advanced playstyle and high-risk, high-reward nature, the Invader is perfect for solo players seeking a challenge or braving high-level adventures.”


Challenger “When obstacles need smashing, the Challenger Archetype is here to obliterate anything in their path with brute force. This bulwark against damage is available right from the start and always a welcome sight in any party. Their buffs range from brief invulnerability and damage reduction to increasing melee damage and stamina regeneration. Embrace their ability to enter a berserk fury or deliver deadly stomps, and witness the rise of an unstoppable Gladiator.”


Handler “The Handler brings versatility and a trusty companion to the battlefield. This Support Archetype is all about using their loyal dog to buff the party, revive downed allies, and raise damage resistance. Their teamwork skills shine, making them a great addition to any group. Plus, who can resist the lure of petting the furry good boy?”


Hunter “The Hunter is a long-range deadeye with a knack for precise hits and marking targets. Available after the tutorial ends, they excel at dealing high damage to weak points and providing valuable support by marking enemies for the team. With perks focused on weak spot damage and enhanced skills, the Hunter is a sharpshooter extraordinaire. Their cloak ability adds a touch of mystery to their arsenal.”


Medic “The Medic, the true lifeline of any party, is here to keep everyone alive and kicking, especially in higher difficulty settings. This deadly doctor, available from the start, is a must-have for any team. With perks focused on healing, damage buffs, and reviving speed, the Medic excels at supporting their teammates. Abilities like creating a Healing Spring, providing a Healing Shield, or performing a full party instant revive make the Medic a solid selection for those looking to save the day.”


Gunslinger “The rootin’, tootin’, shooting damage dealer on the team, the Gunslinger is the classic cowboy you can rely on. With perks enhancing fire rate, ranged damage, and ammo pick-ups, the Gunslinger excels at crowd control and dealing big crit damage to tough targets. Whether fanning their revolver for multi-target destruction or turning all their firearms into fully automatic monster mulching machines, the Gunslinger is a force to be reckoned with.”


Explorer “The Explorer, the golden prize for completing the campaign, is hands down the best farming class in the game. Sporting perks that increase item drop yield and rarity, the Explorer shines in the endgame. They also possess abilities that enhance movement speed, reveal nearby treasure, and spawn a fountain providing a random buff. If you’re looking to make the most out of your farming expeditions, the Explorer should be your top choice.”

Which One Suits Your Needs?

Archetype Selection

“Now that you’re familiar with the amazing array of Archetypes, let’s find the perfect fit for your play style!”

“Are you ready to take on the role of a tank, fearlessly drawing aggro and protecting your team? The mighty Challenger is your best bet for all-out aggression and smashing enemies into oblivion.”

“If you crave the satisfaction of dishing out massive damage, the Gunslinger and Hunter are your go-to choices. The Gunslinger reigns supreme with their incredible firepower, while the Hunter excels at precise hits and marking targets for the team. For those seeking a more stealthy approach, the Invader is your best bet with its decoys and teleportation skills.”

“Need someone to keep your party alive in challenging battles? Look no further than the Medic. They are the masters of healing, reviving, and providing valuable support when the going gets tough. The Summoner also brings some healing abilities, perfect for group situations.”

“For those who love supporting the team, the Handler is an excellent pick with their loyal dog companion and various utility skills. The Engineer offers great support by deploying turrets and heavy weapons, perfect for holding chokepoints or providing suppressive fire.”

“If your goal is maximizing item drops or enhancing your team’s return from farming, the Explorer is the class for you. With their abilities focused on item yield and rarity, the Explorer is ideal for endgame content and expeditions.”

“Now that you have all the information, go forth and choose the Archetype that speaks to your gaming soul. Embrace their powers, dominate the world of Remnant 2, and remember, no matter which path you choose, the adventure awaits!”

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